Rules and duties of student

1. Students have the right to:

  • Train to obtain a certain educational level according to established content, level and scope of knowledge;
  • Continue the education due to the profession or specialty on the basis of obtained educational and qualification level, acquire additional education according to the agreement with educational institution;
  • Receive the referral to training, probation in other educational institutions, including abroad;
  • Use educational, scientific, cultural, household and recreational facilities of education institution; receive the access to information in all fields of knowledge;
  • Participate in research and other types of scientific activities, conferences, contests, exhibitions and competitions;
  • Personally or through their representatives participate in public self-government, in discussions and solving problems related to improving the educational process, research work, assignment of scholarship, organization of leisure time, everyday life, etc.;
  • Participate in public associations;
  • Safe and harmless conditions of study and employment;
  • Provide hostels for the students who came to study from other cities and abroad;
  • Employment due to the established order during off-time;
  • To be transferred to other institutions of higher education, academic leave, re-training, renewal of education in the manner. prescribed by the relevant provisions;
  • Receive protection against all forms of exploitation, physical and psychological violence, actions of teachers and other employees who violate the law or humiliate their honor and dignity;
  • Raise the issue of replacing teachers who do not provide good quality of training sessions before Dean;
  • Receive scholarships and financial aid in accordance with current legislation;
  • Students, who study due to contracts (agreements), have the rights, provided by these contracts (agreements);


2. Students are obligated to:prava

  • Deeply and systematically acquire knowledge, skills, practical and professional skills;
  • Comply with the Charter, Internal Regulations of the university;
  • Comply with legislation, moral and ethical standards;
  • Graduates from higher educational institutions, who were educated by the state or local budgets, are obliged to work according to assignment to a job due to the procedure, determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • Perform all kinds of work, stated in the curriculum and programs on the disciplines according to the specified period pursuant to the schedule of the academic process;
  • Attend lectures, practical, laboratory and seminar classes;
  • Attend classes according to chosen individual curriculum (elective courses);
  • In proper time to inform the management of the institution in case of impossibility to attend classes, pass tests and exams on good reasons;
  • Protect the property of the University: lecture halls, equipment, furniture, books, etc.;
  • Enhance the prestige of the university.

Rector may impose disciplinary sanction or dismiss a student from the University for non-fulfillment of the curriculum and programs by students, breach of the University Charter and Internal Regulations pursuant to existing legal documents.