Study time of students

They are determined by the number of accounting units of time which are allotted for curriculum and training programs at this level of educational qualification. It includes:

  • Training period for the relevant educational level;chas
  • Academic year and training course;
  • Academic semester;
  • Academic week;
  • Academic day;
  • Independent work;
  • Examinations period;
  • Practical training;
  • Vacations.

The academic year at the NMU lasts 12 months, starting since September 1.

During one academic year the student studies at the appropriate training course.

The duration of his/her stay on the course includes the 1st and 2nd academic semester, final control, practical training (if it is provided by the curriculum) and holidays. Finishing the study at certain course (semester) by student is executed by the order of the Rector about his/her transfer to the next course (assuming full implementation of the curriculum and training programs on the disciplines by the student).

A cademic semester is a part of the academic year, which at the final stage ends by semester control. Its duration is determined by the curriculum and schedule of the academic process.

Academic week of the student consists of 5 days and includes at the average 27-29 hours of classroom training at CMSOAP, 32-35 hours of classroom training at traditional study system. The independent work over classroom training is not less than 1/3 and not more that 2/3 from total volume of student’s class hours, allocated to study a certain discipline.

Saturday and Sunday are days off. Due to the consent with the Rector (vice-rector for academic affairs) at the initiative of the student government, the consultations and working off their missed classes by students can be conducted in some departments on Saturday.

Training sessions lasts 2 or 3 academic hours (the duration of an academic hour is 45 minutes) at strip form of timetable, 4-6 academic hours if the timetable form is cyclic.

The practical training for students of 2-3 courses, which study due to CMSOAP, is held as the academic classes during corresponding academic year; for all other students – after the examination session is finished according to academic plans and schedules of academic processes on bases of establishments on practical health care and at sanitary epidemiological stations.

The vacations at NMU are anticipated twice a year (in winter and in summer) according to the approved academic plan and schedule of academic process.