O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University calls the collective and students’ community to solidarity with the family and relatives of Mukaddas Nasirlaieva, ex-student of the 1st course at our university. The university takes the best efforts in order to assist to establish the circumstances for disappearance of Mukaddas on 30, January. We do no know what has happened with Mukaddas and where she is now. Not losing the hope, we treat the information of mass media maximum seriously. Bogomolets Medical University will by all means assist to law enforcement bodies in investigation of disappearance of Mukaddas Nasirlaieva. The university administration will provide with all necessary information within the competence.

Unfortunately Mukaddas was expelled from NMU due to infringement in migration legislation. The validity period of her visa expired on 17.12.2017. Until that time Nasirlaieva has not executed the certificate and left for Turkmenistan in order to receive the new visa. On 18, January the medical university informed about termination of contract with Mukaddas Nasirlaieva pursuant to infringement in migration legislation by student, on 24, January she was for the second time personally informed about signing the order about expulsion from university as the situation has not changed. National medical university is interested so that all circumstances in this case would be established as soon as possible and appeals to mass media to avoid any manipulations as to disappearance of ex-student of NMU until announcement of official results from investigation.

University Administration