The summer rest for students at O.O. Bohomolets National medical university finished with the holiday concert on 8, August, 2016 in sports and health camp “Medic”. During July-August, the students and employees of university had the rest in the picturesque part of Kyiv region – Konche-Zaspa on the bank of the river Kozynka.

The university administration at the head of rector, professor Kateryna Amosova visited the event, which was held at the stage of summer amphitheatre in SHC “Medic”. Kateryna Mykolayivna in her welcome speech mentioned that this year significantly more students could have a rest at university camp: “Dear students, friends! I am very glad to see you at the solemn closing the summer shift in camp “Medic”. Already for more than 3 years, namely thanks to students’ activity, we defend our camp against those ones, who would like to take the part of its territory. Its defense is the merit of students’ trade union and trade unions of employees at NMU, who take care of the camp for many years. For my part, I would like to thank the pro-rector on scientific pedagogical activity and perspective development, professor Oleksandr Nykytiuk and his colleagues, who organized and provided with boarding, transfer for students, made the repairs and restores the places for public use, put their souls and hearts here so that the students could together spend the time in summer in the nature with the possibility to communicate and joyfully to have a rest”, – told professor Kateryna Amosova.

The clean air, bank of the river, picturesque nature and good university friends are the guaranty for nice rest at SHC “Medic”. This is the thought of its residents. During summer period of 2016 489 students had the rest at the camp, 179 – in the first shift, 86 – in the second shift, 141 – in the third shift, 83 – in the fourth shift. Thanks to efforts and insistence by University administration and rector, professor Kateryna Amosova personally, all students had a rest free of charge. The rest anticipated boarding for three times and accommodation in summer buildings.

32 cultural and sports events were held during the rest at SHC “Medic” – Neptune’s Day, St. John the Baptist Day, parties “Karaoke”, “Sports Days”, tournaments in chess and draughts, concert performances and contests of talents, volleyball, football and street ball, as well as the contest of sandy figures.

The participants in the concert amazed the guests with their talents and originality. The laureates of the first prizes made their performances at the stage: “Hippocrates lyre” – student of medical faculty No 2 Anna Bozhuminska, student of medical faculty No 1 Viktoriia Stetsiura; student-intern Yaroslav Ivaniuk; Oksana Fedorenko, doctor-psychologist Oleksandr Berezhnyy.

A famous accordionist, laureate of international and all-Ukrainian contest Oleh Mykytiuk was invited at the end of concert program, and performed the classical and modern compositions for guests and students.

The rest at the camp brought the unforgettable feelings and impressions to students. They were satisfied and at the same time sad as the time to stay at the camp have quickly run away. The students thanked the administration and rector Kateryna Amosova for care, tasteful meals and possibility to find new friends. And one more thing, they are sure that such merry easygoing rest will be remembered for the whole life and will unite the university community into one large family.

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