Last in 2017 courses in field-specific improvement “Clinical breast care” finished on the last but one week last year at department of oncology. This time the course participants were the representatives from different medical specialties: doctors of roentgen diagnostics (representatives from Obukhiv and Borodianka CDH in Kyiv region), oncologists (KSC in Sviatoshynskyi district of c. Kyiv, ME “Feofaniia” DUC, Oleksandria oncological dispensary, c. Oleksandria, Kirovohrad region). Among course participants there were two heads at divisions of medical establishments, one from them passed through study on TEC in clinical breast care at NMU for the second time.

The classes started on the base of Kyiv City Clinical Oncological Center. The course participants got acquainted with the structure and organization of work at clinic, took part in consulting reception. The course participant O.V. Nosov, doctor-surgeon, as the first assistant, took part in operative interferences, which were made by head of cycle, assistant professor at department of oncology O.S. Zotov. The work at operating room allowed the course participants getting acquainted with the methodology for fulfillment of organ-preserving and onco-plastic interferences on breast cancer. The part of classes was performed at express histological laboratory, which is located in operating room of cancer center and performs the very important stage in treatment – intra-operating histological verification of diagnosis and definition in virginity of resection margins that is an integral condition for surgery of breast cancer.

The lectures and practical classes on the base of Specialized Breast Care Center were traditionally devoted to the issues on diagnostics of mammary gland diseases. They discussed a wide range of issues on screening, possibilities for modern radiological and ultrasound diagnostics. The issue about standardization of conditions for performance of mammography, modern requirements to formulation of conclusion by doctor due to results from examination caused to the great interest and lively discussion. The newest methodologies for instrumental researches, for example, ultrasound elastography, were separately discussed. The specialists from the center demonstrated the standards for composition of protocols for diagnostic conclusion to the course participants on clinical cases from experience of Breast Care Center and their interpretations. The practical training in puncture and needle core biopsy of neoplasms at lacteal glands under ultrasound navigation enjoyed the significant popularity.

In order to continue the tradition to implement the new educational events each cycle, this time they organized the classes of course participants in SEC at Spizhenko Cyber Clinic. The acquaintance with the clinic started from the center of radiation therapy. The head at department of radiosurgery assistant professor T.I. Chebotariova acquainted in details the course participants with the work of unique equipment for our country – cyber knife. The course participants got also acquainted with the peculiarities for performance of therapy and organization of treatment process at linear accelerator. The communication with medical physicists – representatives from new for Ukraine specialty, who play the significant role in planning and performance of radiation therapy, was especially useful.

The course participants visited the diagnostic division (CT, MRT), division of chemotherapy. The surgical division of clinic, opened in 2017, which employees acquainted with organization of work at division, made the excursion to operating rooms, equipped due to the most modern standards, caused to interest. At the end the course participants could put questions and communicate with medical director of clinic and head at surgical division. At the completion of the cycle the course participants expressed the satisfaction from received experience, thanked the department for intensive program and teaching level.

Department of Oncology