Solemn meeting on occasion of 172nd release of doctors and pharmacists – graduates from NMU in 2016


The solemn meeting on occasion of the 172nd release of doctors and pharmacists – graduates from NMU in 2016 was held on 24, June, 2016 at O.O. Bohomolets National medical university.

The final holiday was visited by acting minister from Ministry of health care of Ukraine Viktor Shafranskyy; president in NAMS of Ukraine, academician Vitaliy Tsymbaliuk; chairman in Supervisory Board of university, public leader, ambassador of Ukraine, professor Yuriy Scherbak; director in A.P. Romodanov Institute of neurosurgery, academician in NAMS of Ukraine Yevgeniy Pedachenko; head at Ukrainian military medical academy, colonel of medical service, professor Valeriy Savytskyy; head at Chief military medical clinical center “Chief military clinical hospital” at MD of Ukraine, major general of medical service Anatoliy Kazmirchuk; head at Kyiv city trade union of health care employees Serhii Kubanskyy, honorary academicians in NAMS of Ukraine, professors, deans, heads at departments, teachers, parents and guests.

The following foreign guests congratulated the students on graduation: Extraordinary and Authorized Ambassador of Republic of India in Ukraine His Highness Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti; Extraordinary and Authorized Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Ukraine His Highness Mr. Shorsh Halid Said; attaché of Embassy of Republic of Azerbaijan in Ukraine Mr. Parvin Mamedli; senior councilor of Ambassador of Republic of Belarus in Ukraine, consul Mr. Serhii Nikitich Bobov; Representative from Ministry of science and education of Iran in Ukraine Mr. Dabirsiagi Hesam; attaché of Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Ukraine Mr. Bagepur Sahzabi Mehdi; temporary charge d’affaires of Embassy of State Kuwait in Ukraine Mr. Mubarak Almuavsharji; Councilor of Embassy of Federative Republic of Nigeria in Ukraine Mr. Nvachukvu; attaché of Division of Embassy of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Ukraine Mr. Hayl Al Rukebat, as well as president in Association of Arabian doctors in Ukraine Mr. Abu Shamsia Rami Nuamanovych; director in Israel cultural center Mrs. Olga Polischuk.

Opening the solemn meeting, the rector of University, corresponding member in NAMS of Ukraine, professor Kateryna Amosova mentioned that the graduation of doctors and pharmacists was the special event in the history of university. “Today the most important thing – health of citizens of Ukraine depends on you and quality in rendering the medical aid to those ones, who require it. The reconstruction of Ukrainian medicine is on your shoulders, the provision with merciful attitude to patients, glorification of Ukraine outside its borders. You are the future generation of the new medical elite and hope of Ukrainian society for the health of nation”, – told Kateryna Amosova in her welcome speech.

Acting minister at Ministry of health care of Ukraine Viktor Shafranskyy made the welcome speech to the graduates and present people. “It is a great honor for me to be at the famous medical university, which is the leader in medical science and education in our state and I am very glad to be among you at the graduation ceremony of doctors. Today, O.O. Bohomolets NMU sets up approximately two thousands young doctors in life. Let me take this opportunity sincerely to congratulate you on the fateful stage in your life. Already tomorrow you will work in the sphere of health care and will become the authoritative specialists, who will move our industry forwards. I am sure that, being based on the knowledge that you received at the famous higher school under supervision of Kateryna Mykolayivna, professors and teachers, you will acquire the experience, will be glad with successes, will learn from mistakes and in a certain period of time you would thank your teacher and tell: the years that we spent at university directed us for the whole life”, – emphasized Viktor Shafranskyy.

The chairman in Supervisory Board of University Yuriy Scherbak also congratulated the colleagues-doctors with graduation. Addressing to the graduates, he emphasized the important mission that a doctor will bear during the whole life. “The powerful base of knowledge behind you, rich history of university, eighty thousands doctors-graduates, who knew what the war and catastrophe was and I sincerely hope that you as the elite of our nation, will bear not only the high title of Doctor but Ukrainian. Namely you will create the history of the 21st century in Ukraine and its future depends on you. I wish everyone from you received the generous and happy destiny, helped people not only with medicines and operations but with sincere word and kindness”, – told Yuriy Scherbak.

The head in Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on issues of health care, professor Olga Bohomolets also congratulated the graduates from National medical university in 2016.

This year 1,676 doctors and pharmacists, among them 1,478 national students leave the walls of native Alma Mater.

Graduates in 2016 are 198 foreign citizens, who represent 33 countries all over the world. This year it is the sixth graduation of students from English speaking department – today it is 52 pupils of university from 11 countries all over the world. 47 graduates of university received the diplomas with honors.

Traditionally, on the solemn day the graduates from university took the oath of Doctor of Ukraine.

The present people and graduates also honored the memory of Hero of Ukraine, student in medical faculty No 3, Volodymyr Yurychko and put the flowers to the Memorial to teachers and students, perished during the war of 1939-1945 and Memorable stella to Heroes of Nebesna Sotnya.

The best graduates of this year were included into the Golden Book of Honor of University.

The independent decisions and responsible actions wait for graduates in the future as the life and health of people depends on their skills, patience, sincerity and self-sacrifice.

The administration and collective of O.O. Bohomolets National medical university congratulate the graduates of 2016 and are sure that the feeling of high responsibility will become the guaranty for their professional achievements and promotion of health at Ukrainian people.

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