The scientific library of O.O. Bohomolets NMU sincerely thanks all, who joined to replenishment of library stock with modern textbooks, monographs, educational methodological guidelines for the benefit of science and education:
Dibrova Viacheslav Andriyovych – assistant professor at department of pathological anatomy.

Methodology of morphological researches: monograph / Bagriy M.M., Dibrova V.A., Popadynets O.G., Gryschuk M.I.; edited by M.M. Bagriy, V.A. Dibrova – 10 copies. – 2016

– Maltsev Dmytro Valeriyovych – head at laboratory of immunology and molecular biology of O.O. Bohomolets NMU, assistant professor at department of neurology No 1 at P.L. Shupyka NMAPE

Maltsev D.V. Disorders in spectrum of autism at children with the deficit of folate cycle. Monograph. – 2016

– Maltseva Liudmyla Oleksiivna – professor at department of anesthesiology and intensive care at Dnipropetrovsk medical academy

Sepsis – associated encephalopathy. Monograph. / L.O. Maltseva, Yu.Yu. Kobeliatskyy, M.F. Mosentsev, R.K. Karas et al. – 2016

– Mykhaylychenko Borys Valentynovych – head at department of forensic medicine, professor

Modern approach and ways for solution of urgent issues in criminal legal disciplines. Materials of students’ conference, devoted to the 175th anniversary of University (27, April, 2016) – 2 copies. – 2016

– Nykula Taras Denysovych – professor, honorary scientist and technician of Ukraine, head at department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2 (1988-2014)

Nykula T.D. My Kyiv half a century (Memoirs). – 2015

Nykula T.D. Being from Bukovyna (Memoirs). – 2015

– Pasechnikov Serhii Petrovych – head at department of urology, professor, honorary scientist and technician of Ukraine

Urology: textbook / S.P. Pasechnikov, S.O. Vozianov, V.M. Lisovyy et al. /; edited by professor S.P. Pasechnikov, S.P. Moiseyenko M.M. et al. Edited by professor V.P. Stus and professor S.P. Pasechnikov – 10 copies. – 2015

Pasechnikov S.P., Zaytsev V.I. Urology for family doctor; study guide – 20 copies. – 2013

– Serbin Oleh Olehovych – director in M.O. Maksymovych Scientific library at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv national university.

Journals of medical topics in the amount of 403 copies.

– Tsekhmister Yaroslav Volodymyrovych – first pro-rector on scientific pedagogical work, professor, honorary educator of Ukraine

Sergiychuk V.I. Cathedral memory of Ukraine. Calendar-almanac. – 2015;

Sergiychuk V.I. Holodomor in the 1932-1933 as the genocide of Ukrainian people. Third issue, amended. – 2015

Sheremetyeva T.L. 100 cities of the world that shall be visited.