On July 11, 2014, 2014-enrollment campaign started.
Applicants who enter the O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University have the opportunity to apply for participation in the contest in the paper or in electronic form.
An application filed in paper form is to be submitted personally to the selection committee.
The check-in service for submission of applications on the website remotely (in electronic form) is available for applicants at: http://ez.osvitavsim.org.ua.
Applications submitted to universities remotely are equivalent to paper applications (filed during personal visits to university).
Applicants can submit applications and documents up to 12.00 a.m. of August 1, 2014 in paper or electronically form to t more than five universities in Ukraine and not more than three areas of training (three majors) in each of them. The applications submitted for the certain field of training (major) to one institution of higher education for various forms of training are considered  to be as the fact of filing one  application.
List of Required Documents for Admission into first year study:
–      Document of state standard on passing secondary education (graduation document on received education and qualification level) and its supplement;
–      Certificate (s) of  EIT (for applicants on the basis of complete secondary education) for their personal choice both the originals and copies;
–      A copy of the ID document proving personal identity and citizenship;
–      Medical certificate submitted under form no. 086-o or its copy;
–      Six color photos 3×4 sm;
–      Three envelopes with stamps (in Ukraine).
When submitting documents applicants must have a passport and military card (registration certificate) (for men), and while submitting the copies of documents there originals have to be available.
The procedure of enrollment documents into the O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University is held during Monday to Friday from 9.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs., on Saturdasy from 9.00 hrs.  to 13.00 hrs. (on July 24, 2014 from 9.00 hrs. to 18.00 hrs., day off is Sunday) at the address:
34 Peremohy Ave., Kyiv, 01001, tel. (044) 454-49-49, 454-49-83

e-mail: nmu@nmu.edu.ua

Admission  Committee of the O.O. Bohomoltsia National Medical University informs that the priority right of settlement in the dormitories of the University is granted to exclusively privileged categories of applicants according to the list approved by the Legislation of Ukraine.
All other categories of first-year students in case of the absence of free beds the space outside will be proposed.
Providing of the public information on the licensed volume of enrollment, volume of state order scholarships, the cost of study depending on majors, the process of submission of the enrollment applications, the recommendation for admission and enrollment into higher educational institutions of 1-4 levels of accreditation is supported by the information systems, including the system “KONKURS (Competition)” at http://www.vstup.info.