The seminar “Urgent problems in biochemistry” was held at the beginning of June, 2016 on the base of department of biological and bioorganic chemistry at O.O. Bohomolets National medical university.

The scientific event was performed under support from university administration, trade union of students at NMU and O.A. Kysil SSS.

The program of the seminar included the consideration of various issues in the sphere of theoretical and practical biochemistry, the students of university made the reports. The purpose of the seminar was to unite the efforts of young scientists to improve the public health.

The students from Vinnytsia and Uzhgorod medical universities also took part in the work of the seminar.

Due to results from voting the members in jury elected 5 winners, whose reports were highly assessed by present people and participants in the seminar.

The first prize place was occupied by the report by the student of the 2nd course in medical faculty No 2 Valeriy Orel on topic “Role of free radicals and nanocomplex on the basis of iron (II, III) oxide in treatment of malignant tumors”. The second place was shared by three students of the 2nd course in medical faculty No 2 Anna Zabila, Anastasiia Zlotnyk and Dmytro Drychyk on topics “Action of phytosterols on metabolism of cholesterol in the liver under conditions of alimentary hypocholesteremia”, “Polyvectorial effect of galascorbin. Mechanism of action of galascorbin as a non-hormonal contraceptive agent”, “Influence of polyphenols with P-vitamin on oxidation of ascorbic acid on example of “galascorbin”, accordingly. The third place was awarded to the student of the 2nd course in medical faculty No 2 Artem Lytvynenko. He presented the work under title “Contamination of drinking water with heavy metals salts and their extraction from solutions by nanocomposite of zirconium (IV) oxide. Toxic influence of heavy metals ions on human organism”.

The winners in the seminar “Urgent problems in biochemistry” were congratulated by chairman in Trade union of students at NMU Vlasiy Pylypko and deputy chairman Mykhaylo Barskyy, and received the monetary rewards. According to the words by Vlasiy Pylypko the trade union of students at NMU always assists to development of science and its popularization among students’ community of National medical university.

The materials of the conference will be published in Ukrainian scientific medical youth journal.

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