On 16-19, May, 2016 in c. Samarkand (Uzbekistan) WHO European regional bureau organized and performed WHO seminar on implementation of Package for main events in non-infectious diseases (NID) for primary medical sanitary aid in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The purpose of the event was to render the support to countries-members in WHO in implementation of WHO Package for main events of struggle against NID for primary medical aid, to establish the platform for exchange with experience, to provide with mutual aid and to discuss the issues that are of general interest.

The program of the Seminar anticipated studying the experience of other countries in WHO European region as to implementation of modern, scientific proven, strategies on struggle against NID, recommended by WHO, under conditions of limited resources in primary chain of health care, perspective ways for formation and implementation of academic programs at pre-graduate and postgraduate level for prevention and treatment of NID, approaches to implementation of monitoring and assessment of results from implementation of Package of events, recommended by WHO.

The specialists from 10 countries of WHO European Region, including Ukraine, took part in WHO Seminar. Ukrainian delegation was represented by executives in field-specific structural divisions of MHC of Ukraine, representative of WHO Bureau in Ukraine, professor at O.O. Bohomolets NMU T. Gruzeva, who is included in work group of MHC of Ukraine and is the expert in abovementioned issues.

While performing the seminar WHO used different forms of work, including lectures, practical trainings, as well as work in small groups, discussions, etc.

The lecturers and trainers were Dr. Gill Farington (division of NID and health promotion at all stages of life, WHO ERB, Denmark), Dr. Dylan Collins (Oxford University, Great Britain), professor Renato Gelazzi (WHO councilor, Switzerland), Dr. Juan Tello (program manager on rendering medical services at WHO ERB, Denmark), professor Tiina Laatikainen (Center of cooperation with WHO on issues of NID prevention, health promotion and monitoring, Finland) and other authoritative specialists.

The members in Ukrainian delegation presented the materials of educational course in NID prevention at PMA, developed in Ukraine and tested in pilot regions, highlighted the issue on application of intersectoral approach to struggle against NID in the country, defined the plans for implementation of Package for main events in NID for primary medical aid (PEN).

The received knowledge will be used at development of events on implementation of National plan on struggle against NID in Ukraine, at improvement of academic programs for training of specialists in primary chain of health care on issues of NID prevention, at writing the modern academic methodological materials on abovementioned issues, etc.

Новини Національного медичного університету імені О.О.Богомольця
Новини Національного медичного університету імені О.О.Богомольця
Новини Національного медичного університету імені О.О.Богомольця
Новини Національного медичного університету імені О.О.Богомольця