“Courses of emergency pre-hospital medical aid” have started. This project was initiated and established by the Council of Society of young scientists and specialists from Bogomolets National medical university. The materials for performance of lectures and practical classes were prepared by professors, assistant professors, assistants and young scientists of departments: Traumatology and orthopedics (head at department, professor Burianov O.A.), surgery No 1 (acting head at department professor Poyda O.I.), anesthesiology and intensive therapy (head at department professor Glumcher F.S.), general and medical psychology and pedagogy (head at department academician professor Maksymenko S.D.), general surgery No 2 (head at department professor Ioffe O.Yu.).
The constituent meeting was held on 13, September, 2014, on World Day of First Medical Aid, and the first introductory lecture of the course was read. The program of the course includes the most urgent issues in rendering the emergency aid, which will be considered at lectures and practical classes. In particular, the issue on different kinds of traumas, bleedings, burns, disorder of organism vital functions, self-preservation, psychological work with injured will be discussed. All participants will have the possibility to improve the practical skills with instructors.
The regular class on Course of emergency pre-hospital aid will take place on 20, September, 2014 at 10.00. The class will be held at department of Traumatology and orthopedics in Bogomolets NMU (head at department professor O.A. Burianov) in lecture hall at Scientific research institute of orthopedics and Traumatology at the address c. Kyiv, Vorovskogo str., 27.
Start of class at 10.00.
Plan of class:
Lecture: bullet and mine-blast traumas (lecturer professor O.A. Burianov).
At the same time lecture and exercises on moulages:
–       work with scenarios from real examples of extraordinary situations;
–       3rd stage of the first aid at TCCC;
–       control bleeding, transport immobilization;
–       chest wounds, including pressure pneumothorax;
–       haemostatics;
–       examination of injured under tactical conditions;
–       evacuation technique in short and long distances;
–       assessment of injured in distance;
–       explosive substances;
–       exercises due to scenarios using tasks and phantoms;
–       rendering the CQB aid in operations and accompaniment of combatants and non-combatants;
–       rescue in attack against convoy;
–       selection of tactical equipment.
For participation in class it is necessary to register by phone 0672093718 – Olga Mayfet,
For students at NMU – by phone 0632466731 – Strelnikova Mariia.
See the timetable of next classes in official site of Society of young scientists and specialists at NMU, and in Facebook
We invite all desired!

Council of Society of young scientists and specialists at NMU