Since 1, September, 169 doctors-interns, graduates from dental faculties practically from all HMS of Ukraine will start studying at department of dentistry in the Institute of postgraduate education at O.O. Bohomolets NMU. Having the goal to improve the quality in study of doctors-interns, the department of dentistry fruitfully cooperates with the Center of facial surgery at Kyiv regional clinical hospital No 1, which since last year is one of 5 clinical bases of department.

The junior doctors on the base of the center receive the knowledge and improve their practical skills in the sphere of facial surgery and work at dental rooms at mixed reception. This year, not waiting for the start of academic year in the internship at full cycle of study, which will start only on the 1st of September, the interns willingly join to the sphere of professionals – teachers, their colleagues interns of the 2nd year, practitioners, immersing into “difficulties and curiosities” of chosen occupation.

yavorskaTETIANA YAVORSKA, doctor-intern under specialty “Dentistry”: “Since the very start of study at university after presence at the operations, study of surgical dentistry, I understood what specialty I am interested in. I hope that while passing through internship I will have the possibility to work more with patients and to improve the practical skills at clinical bases of department of dentistry – at Dental center of O.O. Bohomolets NMU and Center of facial surgery at Kyiv regional clinical hospital No 1. I cannot wait for start of academic year and today in August everyday I, as in the 5th course, continue working and studying with my colleagues under supervision of specialist of high level, real professionals. I already assist at not difficult operations; take part in examination of patients. It is my future. I think that I was lucky to get namely to this department and its clinical bases. To be a member in such team of professionals is the happiness, especially at the start of the way. I am sure that my work and my aspirations will be supported by my teachers”.