The 7th courses of thematic improvement in clinical breast care finished at the end of March. The participants in courses were 8 doctors, among them 3 oncologists, 3 doctors of radiation diagnostics, doctor obstetrician-gynecologist and general practitioner – family doctor. The lectures and practical classes were held at leading oncologic establishments of the capital: city clinical oncologic center, specialized breast care center, hospital of Israeli oncology LISOD. The educational unit, devoted to instrumental diagnostics, was performed at specialized breast care center. The students got acquainted with the algorithms for diagnostics of benign and malign neoplasms of mammary gland, diagnostic routes of patients. The methodology for performance of screening researches caused to the special interest. Traditionally, the training in puncture and needle core biopsy with ultrasound navigation of the needle, where the students under supervision of experienced specialists learnt this basic diagnostic procedure for modern breast care, enjoyed the great popularity. In addition to manual skills, the doctors put many questions as to technical and organizational aspects for implementation of biopsy into daily practice. The information unit, presented on base of LISOD clinic, was interesting. The cycle of lectures, devoted to all aspects in radiation therapy of breast cancer, was held – from planning the radiation by medical physicist to prevention and treatment of complications.

The specialists from laboratory of CSD Health Care acquainted the students with modern technologies of pathomorphological and molecular diagnostics for tumors of mammary glands. As always, the lectures and practical classes, devoted to different aspects in surgery for tumors of mammary glands, which were held by head at center of modern breast care in LISOD clinic A.V. Zhyhulin, were brilliant. The classes in rehabilitation of patients were useful, in particular, in selection of corrective and orthopedic linen. The head of course of TI, assistant professor O.S. Zotov on the base of Kyiv City Oncologic Center suggested the case-course, founded on data from real clinical cases, where the students stage-by-stage were informed with clinical data on examples, demonstrated the results from radiation and morphological researches, intra-operational photos and results from treatment. Such methodology allowed visually demonstrating the peculiarities and succession of diagnostic search and choice of treatment methods in modern breast care. The good tradition of courses for TI “Clinical breast care” – every new cycle to implement the new educational event, was implemented this time. Two new mini lectures “Modern aspects of anti-tumor anti-HER2-therapy” and “Peculiarities for recurrence and metastasing at reconstructed mammary gland” were presented by assistant at department of oncology Candidate of Medicine Yu. O. Tymovska. At the end of the cycle, emphasizing their impressions, the attendants mentioned that a wide medical community is not aware of available courses in clinical breast care, despite the available page in Facebook, information letters that are sent by department to regional and city health care department and medical facilities. Thus, there was the wish more actively to inform the practitioners about possibility to improve the qualification at department of oncology at NMU. In general, the students expressed the satisfaction with acquired knowledge and skills, which will be useful at working places, where the doctors will soon return.

Department of Oncology