Since August, 2016 the senior laboratory assistant at department of internal medicine No 1, intern of O.O. Bohomolets National medical university Stanislav Ustinov started his probation in the United States of America. He studies at internship in departments of therapy, oncohematology and infectious diseases on the base of Miriam Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital in city Providence, Rhode Island state.

The health care system of the USA impressed the intern. “The full completeness of hospitals – automatic defibrillators and antiseptics are located each one hundred meters on the walls, the robotized apparatus Da Vinci is installed in department of urology, all consumables are completely enough, there is the monitor behind the nurse of surgical department, where the serial numbers of patients and their status are shown, for example, it is prepared for operation, the operation is on, the operation is finished and it is transferred to intensive care ward”, – Stanislav Ustinov shares his impressions.

According to the words by intern, the doctors in wards work in team with resident medical practitioners and students. “The most interesting thing is that doctors communicate with interns head to head, carefully listen to the reports by junior colleagues, develop their clinical thinking during discussion of differentiated diagnoses, organize micro lectures during lunches – this is the close-knit team of professionals that is constantly developed”, – tells Stanislav Ustinov.

The interns at clinics receive the timetables of weekly lectures that are attended by doctors from different departments. The case conferences are held interestingly, when the specialists from different hospitals gather: the interns tell about complex cases, at the same time turning over all necessary information about patient from his/her electronic card on interactive board. It is impressible how colleagues explain why this method of diagnostics is better than another one and why namely this combination of antibiotics would provide with the best result.

“As it concerns the electronic card of patients I can tell that this is the best creation in the sphere of medical IT. The computers of hospital have the database about all patients, mentioning the passport data of patient, his/her anamnesis, previous visits, all performed diagnostic procedures with conclusions and images (if it is MRT or CT, temperature curve), notes by doctors about medicines, being taken. It is very comfortable for nurses as each ward has the laser reading devices, to which one should bring bar-codes of medicines and enter ID of patient and they would immediately appear in his/her electronic card”, – tells the intern of O.O. Bohomolets National medical university.

Stanislav Ustinov thinks that the most important peculiarity of medicine in the USA is the continuity in study, scientific work and treatment itself. When students and interns are the direct participants in treatment processes, this brings the benefit to medical staff, doctors and, mostly important, patients.

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