Staff of the faculty

Chernyak Victor

Head of the Academic Council of the Faculty for the Training of Foreign Citizens Head of the Department of Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy, PhD, Professor

  Soroutchan Valerie

Acting Dean of the Faculty for Training of Foreign Citizens

Lahtudir Tetiana

Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty 3-6 courses

Kraevskaya Yana

Deputy Dean of Medical Faculty 1-2 courses


  Tatiana Kotsiubniak

Deputy Dean Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry


Blidchenko-Naiko Victorya

Deputy Dean for educational work with foreign students

Nosach Bogdan

Deputy dean for educational work in the dormitory

Velichko Tatyana

Senior Inspector in the medical faculty 3-6 courses

Ivankevich Helen

Lead Engineer

Sokolova Veronica

Chief inspector

Kisileova Lesya

Leading Specialist


Romanyuk Oksana

Curator of Dental and Pharmaceutical Faculties

Vituyk Julia

Chief Inspector for dental and pharmaceutical departments