Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of otorhinolaryngology

Treatment-and-consulting work

Department of Otorhinolaryngology Bogomolets National Medical University has 8 clinical bases, where our employees work and the teaching of the specialty is conducted:


Oleksandrovska Clinical Hospital;
Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No.12;
Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital No.2;
Road hospital №2;
Clinic “Medbud,”;
Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No.15;
Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No.1;
Central polyclinic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine


Employees of the department take part in weekly medical rounds of otorhinolaryngology clinics. Conducting surgical interventions for various inflammatory and congenital abnormalities of ENT organs. Assistants of the department have daily shifts in the ENT departments of the clinics. Associate professors and consultants consult seriously ill patients with ENT pathology both within hospitals and in other public health institutions of our city.