Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery

Educational activity

The preparation of the teaching staff, the graduate students of full-time and part-time tuition, masters and clinical residents during 2002-2009 очної і заочної форм навчання, магістрів, клінічних ординаторів за 2002–2009 рр.

The list of clinical residents:
30.12.2009–30.12.2012. – Haruba Youssef Hasim (Israel);
2009–2011 – D.M. Keyan;
2008–2010 – V.S. Shvydchenko, O.V. Tsymbalistyi, Y.V. Chepurnyi;
2007–2009 – Saed Azodifar (Iran), Karim Nader (Iran);
2006–2008 – M.Y. Mys’ko, V.V. Pererva, M.O. Shvets’, Ravanfar Ali (Iran) Mosyofazade Nyma (Iran), Ehsan Ameri (Iran , now studying in Canada);
2005–2007 – Rahnaverdi Azeri Ali (Iran), O.O. Petyuh (maternity leave), P.V. Hrabovets’kyi, N.D. Skrypnichenko;
2004–2006 – O.O. Kryzhanivs’ka, R.O. Mamonov, Y.V. Segal;
2003–2005 – M.A. Gordiychuk, V.M. Ephis’ko, I.I. Todorov, Izadhah Farshad Holamreza (Iran);
2002–2004 – M.M. Chumak, Osama (Palestine), T.V. Lymar, Abolfazel Maddares (Iran).
Total: 28 persons, 9 foreigners.

The list of graduate students, who have graduated from the postgraduate school of medical education:
V.V. Protsyk (2002), A.V. Kopchak (2003), O.L. Tsilenko (2004), Abolfazel Moddares, Iran (2007), V.M. Yefys’ko (2009), I.S. Brodets’kyi (2010).
Srudying in a full-time postgraduate school of medical education: Farshad (Iran) P.V. Hrabovetskyi, V.V. Pererva.

The defended Doctoral dissertations: ї
2006 – an associate professor V.G. Tsentilo (Donets’k);
2009 – an associate professor Y.P. Nagirnyi (Ternopil’).

They are working on dissertations:
Doctoral – associate professor O.S. Volovar, associate professor O.O. Astapenko, teaching assistants A.V. Kopchak, O.L.Tsylenko, I.P. Logvinenko, O.V. Chumachenko;
Candidate’s –teaching assistant I.G. Skvortsova, I.V. Fedirko (Medical Service Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, head of dental services “HVKH” of Ukraine), clinical resident V. Shvydhenko, clinical resident O. Tsymbalistyi, doctor N. Skrypnichenko, doctor R.O. Mamonov, doctor N. Platonova, senior laboratory assistant N. Litovchenko and others.


The results of the integrated licensing examination “Krok 2” passed by the students. Within the dentistry faculty: 2003 – 8th position; 2004 – 6th position; 2005 – 11th position; 2006 – 6th position; 2007– 7th position; among the relevant departments of the country in 2008 – 3rd position, in 2009 – 1st position, 2010 – 2nd position.


The students’ circle members, laureates of the competitions, who took prizes in international and All-Ukrainian competitions and contests in dentistry in the period from 2003 to 2009 and prepared by the department:

A.V. Kopchak (2003) – Laureate of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the contribution of youth in nation formation;
O.L. Kovnats’kyi (2008) – ІІІ position in the Republican Olympiad;
A.A. Korotkoruchko (2008 and 2009) – ІІ position (now he is a master);
G.G. Pylypiuk (2006) – a diploma for the ІІІ position and best scientific work at the Congress of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (Netherlands); since 2007 he is a seeker at Karoline University (Stockholm, Sweden).


Since 2008, due to the quantity reduction of patients in outpatient, the department organized a television broadcast of the routine surgery room to the training room with two-way communication of a surgeon with students.

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In a very complex organizational conditions (the smallest area per 1 student among dental departments; available only 9 training rooms for 14-20 educational student’s groups, which are existed at the department at the same time; slippage of students’ production practice from winter to summer since 1994 etc.) the department conducted pedagogical work with the highest profile among the departments of students – 3 dentistry faculties ( approximately 1,200 students) , 3 medical faculties (1, 2 and 3 – approximately 1,200 students), Officers’ Training corps ( 50 students), resident physicians ( 400-450 persons) – that is about 2600-2700 students.

Teaching in English

It is prepared the lecturers for teaching in English of a dentistry surgery at the department

  • Professor Malanchuk V.O.
  • Associate professor Kul’bashna Y.A.
  • Associate professor Astapenko O.O.
  • Teaching assistant Lysenko S.I.
  • Teaching assistant Kopchak A.V.
  • Teaching assistant Mamonov P.O
  • Teaching assistant Protsyk V.V.
  • Teaching assistant Chepurnyi Y.V.
  • Teaching assistant Shvydchenko V.S