Institute of postgraduate education

The Institute of Postgraduate Education is a structural subdivision of the O.Bogomolets National Medical University.


Main activity directions:

  1. Internship training in 28 specialties;
  2. Providing for the physicians’ continuous professional growth (theme learning, specialization);
  3. Perfection of competencies of the higher educational establishments staff.


Personnel of the Institute is represented with:151 tutors, including: 40 Doctors of Medicine, 101 PhDs in Medicine.
Mission of the Institute:1.Qualitative transformation of intern doctors into successful, professional, competitive doctors;2. Improvement of the professional competence of doctors by continuous professional education 3. Continuous development of the skills and competencies of the High Medical educational Establishments personnel.



Innovation in work:

1. Updated professional training programs;2. Introduction of workshops and practice  trainings;3. Implementing academic mobility of intern doctors;4. Setting up feedback with intern doctors and potential employers;5. Providing employment opportunities for the best graduates;6. Planning the physicians and tutors’   professional growth plan.



Address: 34, Peremohy Avenue, the 2nd  floor of the “physical-chemical” building


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