A laboratory-diagnostic center has started working in the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the Bogomolets National Medical University.


Patients are met by the duty receptionist.

All operations of processing, registration of data on inspection are carried out with use of professional laboratory information system. The patient pays for medical services according to the price list of tariffs and receives a check of the cash register.

Each patient receives advice and consultation on the examination.

In the reception area there is a cozy wardrobe and a waiting room in front of the manipulation room.


The manipulation room has an ergonomic place for blood sampling, a couch, all the necessary disinfectant solutions and comfortable furniture. High-quality vacutainers for various types of research are used for blood sampling.

To obtain biological material for examination of women, a separate manipulation room is equipped with a gynecological chair.


Documents on the right of activity


The activity of the laboratory-diagnostic center is regulated by the license for medical practice in the specialty “clinical laboratory diagnostics”, regulations on laboratories of the ECM Research Institute, which are certified by the commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for measurements (research) in health care.

In order to objectively verify the results of research, the laboratories of the ECM Research Institute annually participate in interlaboratory comparison programs, which are regularly conducted by the Ukrainian Reference Center and are carried out by comparing the results obtained in the laboratory with a certified control sample in European reference laboratories.


Qualitative results were obtained for all measurements (which are 20-25 parameters in each program). The programs “Hematology” and “Hemostasis” showed a coincidence of 100%, the program “Clinical Biochemistry” – 89%. Such results give reason to be proud of the quality of research.


List of studies and their cost

The main condition, that provided the opportunity to perform paid services to the population in a state institution, according to current legislation of Ukraine, is the availability of tariffs for services, which are specifically designed for NMU laboratories and are regulated in accordance with the Kyiv City State Administration (№ 966 from 14.08.2017).

Today, the laboratory-diagnostic center performs about 100 tests: hematological, biochemical tests, studies of hemostasis, hormone concentrations, tumor markers, immune status and others. Specialists are ready to provide advice on the organization of the patient’s examination, the features of the pre-analytical stage, the interpretation of the results.


The staff of the ECM Research Institute has many years of experience in productive interaction with clinicians in the University Clinic, so their advice will be especially useful for young doctors who have recently started their practice.

The laboratory center of the ECM Research Institute invites all clinicians to cooperate!

Kyiv, 34 Peremohy Ave., (physico-chemical building)

Entrance – SEPARATE

Receiving of patients’ biomaterial from 8 to 11 o’clock in working days

We work on weekends and holidays (according to the need and order of the study)

tel. (044) 454-49-14, mobile phone (050) 618-555-9, (098) 457-999-6