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Information about the staff of SMC of Bogomolets NMU


Stomatological Medical Center of the Bogomolets National Medical University is located at 1 Zoologichna Str. This is a unique educational and medical institution, which provides highly qualified and specialized outpatient diagnostics and treatment of oral diseases for the population of Kyiv city and all regions of Ukraine, as well as practical training for the future dentists. Head of the center – prof. Kopchak A.V.

Stomatological Medical Center of NMU was established in 2004, when the Dental Clinic of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine was transferred to the National Medical University. At the same time, the staff was structured in accordance with the tasks set by the university management. The ways of development of the center as an educational, medical and scientific base of the dental faculty were determined; the reconstruction of the clinic was carried out with the introduction of the modern technologies in diagnostics and treatment.

The building of the Stomatological Medical Center with an area of 5696.2 m2, which was founded in 1963 for the training of 600 students, was reconstructed in 1983 due to the increase in the number of students enrolled in the educational process at the Dental Faculty. The total area of the building is currently 9890.3 m2, the training area is almost half (4300 m2).

After the establishment of the Stomatological Medical Center, the University has allocated significant funds for overhauls and purchase of equipment: renovated 60.5% of dental units, purchased modern equipment for the dental laboratory, equipped X-ray department, created phantom classrooms, overhauled educational and medical classes with their full equipment in departments of orthopedic dentistry, children’s therapeutic department, department of orthodontics, department of surgical stomatology. The lecture hall and conference hall, halls and auxiliary rooms, the roof were repaired, the elevators were restored.

To date, the main purpose of the Stomatological Medical Center of NMU is to provide highly specialized and specialized dental care, training, retraining and advanced training of the dental specialists according to higher education standards, research, development, testing and implementation of new medical technologies.

Stomatological Medical Center of NMU is the main training base of the Faculty of Dentistry, the main task of which is to ensure the highest level of services in Ukraine in the field of higher medical dental education.

The main activities of the center are:

1) organization and provision of highly specialized and specialized medical / dental care to the Ukrainian population;

2) development, testing and implementation of medical technologies, clinical recommendations, standards (clinical protocols);

3) conducting a medical examination for temporary disability of citizens;

4) improving the quality of education and upbringing of students, scientific and pedagogical and medical workers;

5) introduction of new educational programs, maximum use of modern information technologies in medical, diagnostic, educational processes;

6) providing conditions for clinical training and retraining of students, research and teaching and medical staff within the system of continuing education; improvement and implementation of training programs in internships, master’s programs, clinical residencies, participation in the development and implementation of training programs for health professionals;

7) participation in the training of scientific and pedagogical workers of clinical profile in postgraduate, doctoral and advanced training;

8) implementation of scientific and technical activities by directing basic and applied research to the creation and implementation of competitive medical technologies, the development of interdisciplinary research areas;

9) conducting analytical and research work to improve the educational process, an organic combination of education, science and medical practice;

10) ensuring the development, expert assessments, testing and implementation of new medical technologies, materials, drugs and medicines, including on a contractual basis;

11) organization and participation in scientific forums: congresses, scientific and practical conferences;

12) creation of a system for improving the quality of research and clinical work of students, scientists, scientific and pedagogical and medical workers;

13) education of medical workers on the basis of universal values, professional ethics, moral and ethical and legal culture;

14) organization and carrying out of actions concerning sanitary and hygienic education of the population and formation of a healthy way of life;

15) conducting statistical accounting and reporting using modern information technologies.

The center provides a significant amount of medical care: the total number of visits per year averages about 240 thousand, including children – more than 100 thousand, in the anesthesiology department under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting annually receive more than 1,400 patients. On average, the NMU Stomatological Medical Center receives and consults up to 1,200 patients with the most severe lesions every day, as well as receives patients from rural and urban clinics.


The work of the center is organized in two shifts in accordance with the schedule of students of dental and medical faculties. The treatment and diagnostic process is provided by an X-ray department with 7 X-ray machines, an anesthesiology department with full modern equipment, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a physiotherapy department and a dental laboratory with 73 workplaces.

Up to 2,500 students and interns, 86 graduate students and clinical residents’ study at the center. Currently, more than 300 working staff are used for this, which allows to provide individual practical activities for each student. Students undergo theoretical and medical training in 68 classrooms where 271 dental units are installed, in 12 classrooms: in three of them 36 phantoms are installed, and also have three computer classes and 2 lecture halls. Students study dentistry from the 2nd year, work in the center with patients begins from the 3rd year under the supervision of doctors of the center and teachers.

The obligatory stage of examinations is work with patients, which is evaluated and influences the general evaluation of the discipline.

The strategy of development of the Dental Medical Center for 2017 and subsequent years provides for the creation of a new site, reorganization with optimization of organizational structure, introduction of computer accounting of patients and creation of a local computer network, reconstruction of the basement and entrance group of the NMU dental building, local protocols and bringing them in line with modern requirements, improving logistics, expanding the list of paid services.