Bogomolets National Medical University

General practice (family medicine)

Clinical sites

Clinical sites of the Department are:


1. Out-patient Clinic №2 of Shevchenkivsky district (Pymonenko Str., 10);

2. Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №8 (Kondratiuka Str., 8);
3. Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №4 ( Solomianska Str., 17);
4. Hospital with Out-patient Clinic of Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv (Manuyilskoho Str., 9 );

5. 12 th First-aid substation in Kyiv (Kolektyvizatsiyi Str., 3);
6. Diagnostic and Treatment Center “Adonis -O” ( Plekhanova Str. , 6).


The main areas of activities of the Department:


Development of methods for early detection, correction and prevention of metabolic , endocrine, immune, hemocoagulational and functional impairment in patients with the most common non-communicable diseases .