Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of otorhinolaryngology

General information

Chair is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Deeva Yu. V.
The vice-rector of scientifico-pedagogical, medical work and post-graduate education works at the department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of Ukraine Naumenko A.N. The result of years of work by Professor A.N. Naumenko was the creation of a new direction in science – Ecological rinology. An outstanding surgeon, laureate of the State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR, professor Tyshko F.A. is a man who is rightly considered the best surgeon by a laryngologist. Particular mention should be made of the significant contribution of the staff of the department to the solution of the problem of specific diseases of the upper respiratory tract – Professor Vasiliev V.M. defended his doctoral dissertation and solved the problem of pathogenesis and treatment of such a serious disease as оzena. The staff of the department passed training abroad and introduced in the clinical practice such direction as endoscopic rhinosurgery. It is the great practical experience and powerful scientific base that allows the staff of the otorhinolaryngology department to study with students and treatment of patients at the global level.