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A textbook “Dental orthopedics”

Authors: M. M. Rozhko, V. P. Nespryad’ko. Kyiv, 2003.


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A textbook “Dentoprosthetic equipment”

Authors: M. M. Rozhko, V. P. Nespryad’ko. Kyiv, 2006.

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A texbook “90 years anniversary of the dental faculty of NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets”

Authors: V. F. Moskalenko, V. P. Nespryad’ko, V. O. Malanchuk, L. V. Khar’kov, L. M. Yakovenko, A. V. Borysenko, L. O. Khomenko, P. S. Flis, M. M. Luk’yanets, M. Y. Antonenko, K. E. Pechkovsky, I. L. Chechova, P. V. Kuts.

Scientific editor: doctor of medical science, head of the department of history and Ukrainian stylistics of Kyiv National University named after T.G. Shevchenko, professor L.I. Shevchenko.

Reviewers: doctor of medical science, professor O. V. Pavlenko, doctor of medical science, professor S. I. Doroshenko.

It is recommended by the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education and Science as a study guide for students of higher educational (letter N 1/11-5412 dated from 21.06.2010)

UDC 378.096:616.31]:061.75″451.90″:378.661 (477-25)




A textbook “Biomechanics in dentistry”

Authors: A. A. Chuiko, I. A. Shynchunovs’ky.

A textbook “Propedeutics of dental orthopedics”

Authors: P. S. Flis, G. P. Leonenko, I. A. Shynchunovs’ky, V. P. Golik, O. V. Gromov, V. M. Dvornyk, S. I. Zhad’ko, Y. A. Kalinichenko, V. A. Klyomin, M. D. Korol’, V. F. Makeev, L. M. Muntyan, V. P. Nespryad’ko, Z. P. Ozhogan, L. D. Chulak.

Reviewers: doctor of medical science, professor V. A. Labunets’, doctor of medical science, professor O. V. Pavlenko, doctor of medical science, professor M. M. Rozhko.

UDC 616-07; 615.477.1; 616.31

A textbook “Dental implantology”

UDC: 616.314?76:616.716.8?089.843?031

The authors of the textbook are professor Nespryad’ko Valeriy Petrovych (department head) and Kuts Pavlo Valeriyovych (associate professor of the department).


V. P. Nespryad’ko

Doctor of medical science, professor,

Head of the dental orthopedics department of NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets,

Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine,

P. V. Kuts

Candidate of medical science,

Associate professor of the dental orthopedics department of NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets,

Honored Doctor of Ukraine



The textbook highlights the issue of one of the modern areas of dentistry – dental implantation.

The textbook chapters are corresponded to the curriculum and typical syllabus on “Dental orthopedics”, approved by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

It is presented in details the history of implants application in the world and in Ukraine, the anatomy of the jaws and maxillo-temporal joint, properties of biocompatible materials and design features of dental implants and mechanisms and their integration with the tissues that surround them, view on biomechanics, articulation and occlusion in dental prosthesis with implants prosthodontics. The textbook presents the following chapters: patient’s examination on implants planning, implants and materials required for their production, modern surgical implantation protocols and methods of methods of dental implant prosthetics. It is also described the most common complications in different stages and methods of their prevention and treatment.

Taking into account the present day requirements, the textbook include tests and prosthesis algorithm using the implants.

The text in the textbook is accompanied by sufficient illustrations.

This textbook is recommended for dentists, lecturers and students of dental faculties of medical universities as well as for magisters, postgraduate students and medical residents.


— director of Dental Institute, head of the dental department of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupyk, doctor of medical science, professor O.V. Pavlenko;

— doctor of medical science, professor of the dental orthopedics department of Lviv Medical University named after Danila Galits’ky, Y.V. Zablots’ky.

Script editor — N. A. Fatiushyna.


Chapter 1. Basic concepts of implantation treatment

1.1. Introduction

1.2. History of dental implants development

1.2.1. Dental implants in the world

1.2.2. Dental implants in Ukraine and Russia

1.3. Anatomical and functional characteristics of maxillo-facial apparatus

1.3.1. Lower jaw bone

1.3.2. Upper jaw bone

1.3.3. Temporo-mandibular joint

1.4. Osseointegration

1.4.1. Morphological traits of a hard tissue

1.4.2. Reaction of a hard tissue on mechanic damages

1.4.3. Morphological traits of the mucous membrane and periosteum healing

Chapter 2. Patients examination

2.1. Clinical examination

2.1.1. Anamnesis

2.1.2. Psychological aspects of communication with a patient

2.1.3. Outer oral examination

2.1.4. Inner oral examination

2.1.5. Clinical evaluation on the prior prosthesis stage

2.2. X-ray examination

2.2.1. Plan radiography

2.2.2. Spot-film X-ray

2.2.3. Computerized tomography, 3D positioning and laser stereolithography

2.3. Laboratory studies of diagnostic models in articulators

2.3.1. Methods of usage of articulators ad face bows

2.3.2. Determination of premature contacts

2.3.3. Planning of the occlusion that relieves dental implants

2.4. Provisional dental restorations and waxy positioning

2.5. The study of lower jaw movements and (axonography) and the state of a temporo-mandibular joint

2.6. Electromyographic study

2.7. Photographic documentation and definition of future dental restoration color

2.8. Enlargement systems used in dentistry

2.9. Indications and contra indications to dental implantation

2.9.1. Indications to dental implantation

2.9.2. Common contra indications to dental implantation

2.9.3. Special contra indications to dental implantation

2.10. Treatment planning

2.10.1.General principles of orthopedic treatment using implants

2.10.2. Prosthesis schemes with implant sustentation

Chapter 3. Implants and materials for their production

3.1. Materials required for implants production

3.2. Implants classification

Chapter 4. Surgical treatment applied for dental implantation

4.1. Classification of dental implantation methods

4.2. Medications required for surgical dental implantation

4.3. Production of an occlusion surgical template

4.4. Surgical implantation protocols

4.4.1. Submerged implant surgery

4.4.2. Non-submerged implant surgery

4.4.3. Subperiosteal implant surgery

4.4.4. Surgical protocol for blade implants

Chapter 5. Orthopedic implant stage

5.1. The main types of implant prosthetics

5.2. Replicas and custom trays in implantation rehabilitation

5.2.1. Replica materials used for at the process of implantation treatment

5.2.2. Obtaining methods of replicas at implantation treatment

5.2.3. Obtaining methods of occlusion registrant

5.2.4. Methods of production and using of custom trays in implantation practice

5.3. Clinical and laboratory stages of permanent structures production on implants

5.4. Clinical and laboratory stages of over-denture structures production on implants

5.5. Clinical and laboratory stages of interchangeable denture structures production on implants

Chapter 6. Oral hygiene during implantation surgery and using of structures on implants

Chapter 7. Endo failure causes of implantation treatment

7.1. Complications occurred during a surgery

7.2. Complications occurred sometime later


1) The terms used in the book

2) References

3) Practical skills algorithm on “prosthetic implants”

4) Patient informed consent form

5) Dental chart

6) Patient information