Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Surgery with a course of emergency and vascular surgery

Public activity

The employees of department take an active part in the life of university – both in academic, scientific and organizational and educational aspects. In particular, head at department professor V.G. Mishalov is a member in academic council of MHC of Ukraine, Specialized councils on occupation “Surgery”, “Cardiac surgery”, approbation council in National medical university. Professor A.O. Burka is the chairman in Approbation council “General issues of surgery” in Bogomolets National medical university.

The public activity is also held at the level of city and country.

The employees of department are founders and members in boards of many public medical associations, societies, in particular, association of cardiologists, cardiac and vascular, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, members in public council at MHC of Ukraine. The head at department professor V.G. Mishalov until 2012 was the chief extraordinary specialist in vascular surgery at MHC of Ukraine. Since 2008 assistant professor Vereshchako R.I. is a member in city expert pulmonological commission in c. Kyiv. Since 2013 under support of department there appeared the site for Association of cardiologists, vascular and cardiac surgeons in c. Kyiv:

he achievements by specialists at department were highly assessed by administration of city and Ministry of health care of Ukraine. Professor V.G. Mishalov, professor A.O. Burka and assistant professor Sopko O.I. are honorary doctors of Ukraine. For many times letters of gratitude and charters of honor from Ministry of health care of Ukraine were awarded to professor V.G. Mishalov, professor V.V. Khrapash, assistant professor L.Yu. Markulan, V.M. Seliuk, V.A. Cherniak, O.I. Osadchyy, I.I. Tesliuk, O.V. Balaban, assistants S.M. Goyda, postgraduate student Islam Al-Dababseh. In 2010 professor Mishalov V.G. was awarded with charter of honor from Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for merits to Ukrainian people. In 2012 professor Burka A.O. was awarded with medal “Labor glory” by international academy of rating technologies and sociology “Golden Fortune”.

Awards, received by department in 2010

The specialists of department actively popularize the achievements in modern surgery, perform the sanitary educational work, making speeches by radio, television, publishing articles in popular and popular science periodical editions that also positively influences on rating of educational establishment. As well the church worthily assessed the activity of department. Thus, Ukrainian Orthodox church of Moscow patriarchate in 2011 awarded professor Mishalov V.G. and assistant professor Tesliuk I.I. with the Order of Equiapostolic king Volodymyr of II degree. In 2013 professor Burka A.O., Khrapash V.V., assistant professors Markulan L.Yu., Goyda S.M. were awarded with breastplates “For work to the benefit of Saint Church”. They and assistant professor Leshchyshyn I.M. were awarded with charters of honor “In blessing for diligent works to the glory of Saint church”


Presenting awards from Ukrainian Orthodox church of Moscow patriarchate to employees of department

Order of Equiapostolic king Volodymyr (UOC MP)

Charter of honor “In blessing for diligent works to the glory of Saint church”

Breastplate “For work to the benefit of Saint Church” from UOC MP.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv patriarchate awarded professor Mishalov V.G. with the Order of Christ the Savior, assistant professor Leshchyshyn I.M. and postgraduate student Okhotska O.I. with decorations.



Presenting the awards from Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv patriarchate to professor Mishalov V.G.

The department is responsible for curation of foreign community of students from Palestine, who study at Bogomolets NMU. The department holds the meetings with students, employees of department visit the hostel, perform conversation with students.

Collective of department, deputy dean on work with foreign students Rami Abu-Smamsiia and students-Palestinians Training students-Palestinians for licensing integrated state exam “Krok- 2” in computer room of department.

One of the important principles for work of department is to inform wide sections of the population about modern possibilities and achievements of surgery. Within this purpose its employees regularly make speeches by television (STB – “Paralelnyy svit”, 1+1 – MTV, “Show of Oksana Marchenko”, “Bez tabu”, “Spravzhni likari”, etc.) and by radio (“Radio “Era”), as well as in printed mass media: newspapers (“Vashe zdorovye”, “Den”, “Stolytsia”, “Uriadovyy kuryer”, “Vechirniy Kyiv”, “Fakty”, “Kievskyy vesnik”, “Posrednik”, “Zdorovye Ukrayiny”, “Medychna gazeta”, “Ukrayinska medychna gazeta”, “Rabochaya gazeta”), journals (“Domashniy likar”, “Gippokrat”, “Zolota aktsiia”, “Doctor”). In total over 136 such publications.

Publications by employees of department in mass media V.V. Khrapash in program “Spravzhni likari”

The employees of department take an active part in performance of “Health Days”, organized by CAHC at KCSA and voluntary Saturday works in clinical bases.


“Health day” in 2011


Voluntary Saturday work

We are sure that our closely united collective with its self-sacrificing work will further keep the leading position on academic, methodological, scientific and clinical work in the sphere of surgery.