Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Surgery №1

Students` scintific group
Подпись: Bid Kiev Surgical Society (1908), Professor Emeritus Member of the Academy of Sciences of USSR, Nicholay Markianovych VolkovychГурток факультетської хірургії №1 НМУПодпись: MD, Ph.D., Professor, Honored Worker of Science of USSR, member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Alexei Petrovich Krymov 



Krymov Students` scintific group of the Department of Surgery #1
Sudents`  scientific group started work in the 20 years of the last century. His foundation is connected with name of the students of the world famous scientist M. Volkovich, who has graduated from the St. Volodymir Medical University. The famous scientifists and surgeons who attended this scientific group were M. Kolomiychenko, E. Chernyahiwskiy and many others. M. Kolomiychenko (1892-1973) – Honored figure Ukraine, the head of the department of general surgery, authors 5 monographs, the founder of the esophagus plastics surgery. V. Maltsev has been the head of Student`s scientific group on the department of surgery #1 since 1976.
The head of department surgery #1 MD, Chief Researcher, Honorary Doctor of Ukraine.
The head of Student`s scientific group is Phd of medicine V. Maltsev.
Monitor of Student`s scientific group is M. Lashchenko.

Подпись: MD, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Honored Doctor of Ukraine  L. BilyanskiyПодпись: Group Associate Director, PhD  V. MaltsevПодпись: Monitor of Students`scientific group  M. Lashchenko 



The main directions of stuents scientific group are:

  • Surgery of digestive system;
  • Urgent abdominal surgery;
  • Restoration and reconstructive surgery of the abdomen;
  • Electrical methods in surgery of the abdominal cavity;
  • Laparascopics surgery
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Different types of treatment of jaundice original method ( antegrade and retrograde stending external biliary tract);
  • Cellular surgery in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohn`s disease;
  • Development conservative treatment of chronics deseases, chronic inflammatory diseases of the colon, acute pancreatitis
  • Treatment of purulent complication of abdominal cavity, peritonitis, abscess of various localization



Подпись: The members of group of department surgery #1 




The goal of the work Student`s scientific group is to study practical skills, work with the medical literature, active participation in the scientific research

Подпись: Surgery Section V (67) of the International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists 'Actual Problems of Modern Medicine' at the Department of Surgery №1. 




The meeting of A. Krimov Student scientific group on the department of surgery #1 are held twice a month. The tutors and lectors of the department of surgery #1 conduct thematic lecture during the meetings of the Student`s scientific group.  The members of Student`s scientific group of Department surgery #1 are active in the most modern scientific medical research and participate they usually in the international conferences. Recently its members have participated I the workshops organized with thr help of the Department of Surgery #1.

Подпись: Study group at the master - class V67) International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists 'Actual Problems of Modern Medicine' spend hirurhichnni skills at the clinic 'Oberig'. 




The plan of the meeting is the following:
Clinical wardround particularly serious or rare cases ( clinical cases prepared the heads of department)
Students` report. Discussion.
Video demonstration on Important or new technologies in the modern surgery. The acquisition of practical skills.  


Подпись: A small part members awards