Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Physical Education and Health


Football Spring Accord of NMU combined team
On May 21-22 at the stadium of the National Academy of Prosecution it was held the competitions in mini-football among university students in the frames of sports contests of Shevchenko district in Kyiv.
The competition was attended by six teams: Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU), National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA), National Pedagogical University named after M. Drahomanov, National Medical University named after O.O Bogomolets, National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Auditing (NACOA) and the Academy of Prosecution of Ukraine. For our team only the game with NAOMA seemed to be something like an easy walk, where we won 10:0.
More difficult was the game with a team of KNEU in which our players won 3-1.
In the finals of the tournament medical students took the 1st place. The beginning of semi-final meeting with future prosecutors seemed to be a tense one. The first half of the meeting ended in a draw – 2:2. From the first seconds of the second half our guys decided to show that they are the favorites. Our team immediately took on the case and scored 2 goals, then the opponent team started to become disorientated and missed 2 more goals, the final result was 6:2.
And in the final game our team met NACOA. The beginning of the match showed that the rivals had almost the same potential as we had and did not want to risk not to miss the ball kicking to their goal. But every team knew instinctively that we should take risks to win. Our team had nothing to lose, because we were losing with a score of 1:2, so without any hesitation medical students went on the attack and took the desired win for the University with the score of 4:2.

Old Fortress accepts international student forum of weight lifters

On May 13-15 in Kamenetz-Podolsk it was a real historic event. – Not far from the Old Fortress it was held the first world championship in weight lifting sport among students, boys and girls. For 91 medals fought the students from 5 countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Russia (Tatarstan), Iran and Uzbekistan.

Competitions were held at the initiative of the International Federation of weight lifting with the support of Kamenetz-Podolsk city administration. Organizing Committee of the Championship was led by Town Mayor Mykhajlo Y.Simashkevych. The place chosen for the competition was not casual, as it is here, in the late XIX – early XX century there was a sports association, which had was the emblem of an eagle depicted with a weight in its claws. Boys competed at the push of a long cycle of two 24 kg weights and girls at a jerk of one 16 kg weight.

NMU Athletic Club “Tonus” was not left outside the historical events. The competition was attended by a citizen of Iran Reza Noruzian, 4th year student of Faculty of Dentistry, and Sports Master of Ukraine Mykola Tkachuk. In a tense competition both participants demonstrated high sportsmanship and properly represented National Medical University in the international sports arena. Reza Noruzian with a score of 84 lifts won a silver medal in the weight category up to 70 kg, and Mykola Tkachuk with the result of 99 rises became the world champion among the students in the weight category up to 90 kg. After the competition organizers presented various cultural programs during which the participants, as well as the tournament judges visited the historical monuments of the town and the ancient fortress, took part in the ritual of initiation into the Knights of the city, and so on.

Sporting achievements of weight lifters of NMU athletic club “Tonus” is the result of systematic training, which provides an opportunity for the Department of Physical Education and Health NMU, led by Associate Professor T.P. Gusev.

Participation in the student world championships will certainly expand cultural and sporting relations of National Medical University named after O.O Bogomolets with other countries and integrate weight lifting as part of the national culture of the Ukrainian people in other countries.

Yuri V. Scherbyna –

President of the International Federation of

weight lifting, honored

Worker of Physical Culture and

Sports of Ukraine, Honored

coach of Ukraine


Chess and draught tournament.

On April 18 it was held the official opening of the Sports Contest among the student ams of high schools of III-IV accreditation levels located in Shevchenko district. The competition was started by chess tournament, in which the active part was taken by the team of NMU named by O.O. Bogomolets. Among the participants were: Irina Merkulova, Arsen Grabowski (Medical Faculty № 1).

According to the results of the competition prizes were given in the following way:

І – NMU names by O.O. Bogomolets

ІІ – NPU named by M.P Drahomanov

ІІІ – KNEU named by V.Hetman

On April 20 the sports contest was continued be draught tournament, where our university was represented by Iryna Osadcha (Stomatological Faculty) and Alex Gres (Medical Faculty № 1). The first place in these competitions were taken by the team of NMU named by O.O Bohomolets, the second one – by KNEU named by V.Hetman, the third – by the NACOA team.



Armsport competitions

On September 22 Department of Physical Education and Health, together with students started a series of sports events to commemorate the 170th anniversary of our University.
More than 40 youths participated in armsport competitions, which were organized in three weight categories: 70 kg, 90 kg and over 90 kg. Along with our “veterans” of this sport more than half of the participants were first-year students. During this competition the great representation was given by foreign students from Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.
It is necessary to mention that among the participants the new names were also appeared. Thus, the student of medical faculty Nr. 1, 1 year student Maxym Sarohanov (weight category up to 70 kg) won the last year final champion Daniyor Holiyorov, 3rd year student of medical faculty Nr. 2.There the third place was taken by Nassib Nasibzade, a 2nd year student of Stomatological faculty.
It was a difficult competition in the weight category up to 90 kg, where in the final contest two experienced athletes met. They are Dmitro Sheremet and Mykola Tkachuk, who are actively involved in weight lifting.D. Sheremet was the winner. The third was Ivan Iriychuk, the 5th year student of Stomatological Faculty. In the weight category of over 90 kg the places were taken in the following way: Gevorg Mouradian, the 3rd year student of Medical faculty Nr. 1 – gold winner, the silver winner was Vasyl Sheremet (the 2nd year student of Medical Faculty Nr 1), bronze medalist – Artem Shtanhyeyev (the 2nd year student of Farmacological Faculty).
The competition winners were awarded by diplomas and medals.

Professor of the Department of Physical Education and Health Y.Scherbyna



According to the plan of the sports events devoted to the 170 th anniversary of the University on September 28, 2011 at the university sports complex there were held the open competitions in streetball, which were attended by 9 teams. Three teams represented NMU named by O.O.Bohomolets. Also open championship was attended by teams of KNUBA, NAU, Juridical Academy etc.

As a result of difficult games in two subgroups to the final competitions were include 3 NMU teams. Sport team “In-fizt”, which included future doctors in sports medicine, won the team “Troe zlykh” (the combined one of Kyiv High Schools) with the score of 21:11.. In the contest for the 3 place met two teams of our university, “Bogomoly” and “Valkiriya”. The “Valkiriya was the winner with the score of 21:17. “After the contests the main judge Senior Lecturer M.S. Zadorozhnyy and the lecturer N.V. Tkachenko awarded the winners by diplomas.

We congratulate the MNU streetball winners and prizers.

Burmagin Igor (1med 2nd course), Karanda AnatoliyI (1med 2nd course), Intern Doctor Yuriy Shykunets, Denys Ovcharuk (Pharm. faculty 4 th course), Yaroslav Kazio (stom.faculty 2nd course), Viktor Kupreychyk ( 1m 5th course), Oleksandr Berestov (2med 2nd course), Sergei Yushchenko (1med 2nd course), Eugen Reyzin (2m 5th course).