Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Physical Education and Health

History of the Department

Introduction of Physical Training was administered as a discipline with the need for active use of one the most important means of health, disease prevention and health promotion. The aim of physical training is not exclusively exercise but includes the teaching of medical monitoring and treatment of physical malfunctions.

The course was organized in Kyiv Medical Institute in 1929. The first leader was PhD, Associate Professor L. Fink.

The base of the program required courses in physical education initially aimed to familiarize students with medical and biological foundations of physical education, preparation and submission standards set by the GTO I and II level.

At the beginning of the organization of the department practical training in the course of physical education was held in the gym at his hostel on 4, Heroiv Revolutsii St., (Thriohsviatitelska St.), as well as in the hall on the territory of the Hospital named after October Revolution. Athletics classes were held at the Krasnui Stadium (now NSC “Olympisky”).

In 1936 at 37, Lenin St. (Bogdan Khmelnitsky St.) were equipped with two gyms in the yard there was a playground.

In 1944 – 1952 the department of physical education was combined with a course of medical supervision and physical therapy, was headed by Associate Professor IA. Elgard, in the years 1952 – 1955 – associate professor M.V. Koroblyov, in 1955 – 1956 – associate professor V.V. Petrovsky.

In combinations with physical education, the department conducted a massive sports works together with the specialized sports clubs.

Back in 1950, there were developed and approved provisions for annual comprehensive view of Spartakiada sport. Since 1951 it became traditional for our university.

In 1957/58 an important event in the life of our department and the institute was the construction of the stadium and athletic fields on the territory of National University of Bogomolets near Morphological building. In addition to sports clubs, sports camps were organized, in the picturesque surroundings of Kyiv for improvement of health and the overall well-being of students.

Since 1957 the department has expanded the scientific and educational work, which is led by Professor G. I. Krasnoselsky. Since 1957 scientific work in the department involves students who conduct research in the scientific student organizations.

In development of the department considerable effort was made in preparing highly qualified medical specialists in the fields of sports medicine and physical therapy. Extensive development of research, further advances in sports and health work made it necessary to split the department into two independent departments: “Physical Education and Sports” and “Sports Medicine and Physical therapy.” It was made possible by the order of Ministry of Health and Higher Education of the USSR in 1960.

Previous Heads of the Department: Associate Professor Nikolai S. Babets, G. Cherevyshnya (research interests include morphological features of chromatin of human cells), MD, associate professor M.Pohulyay (scientific interests: formation vestibular apparatus resistance in athletes), Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor V.Murza (research interests include the use of exercise in the treatment of tuberculosis patients with congenital heart defects), Sc.D., Professor M.Filippov (research interests include the study of functional reserves of physical performance and compensation mechanisms and genesis of hypoxic stress ), Associate Professor T.Gusev (scientific interests relate to the peculiarities of physical improvement of students of medical university). Currently the head of the department is professor Yuri Vladimirovich Shcherbyna – PhD, (scientific interests: use of biological rhythms and kettlebells for development of physical qualities).

Scientific development of the department: studying of influence of physical exercises on mental activity, formation of professionally applied physical training of doctors, development of the content of physical education of students taking into account the phases of the menstrual cycle, etc.

The department is known for its sports achievements. Thus, in the 70-ies, the KMI team of rhythmic gymnastics repeatedly was the champion of Kyiv, the USSR competitions among medical universities, in the 80-ies the teams of basketball, handball and volleyball won the teams of many cities of the USSR. Athletes and cyclists have made glorious achievements – they have been the champions of Ukraine, medalists of the USSR among medical universities. For the last ten years, athletes-medics have become champions and prize-winners of championships of Ukraine and the world of weightlifting.

Over the years, the department has changed its name many times, but the content of its activity has not changed. Together with the training of health professionals through physical education, considerable work is being done in sports improvement teams in various sports of the student’s choice.

At present, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department consists of 7 persons, among them: 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 4 PhD, 1 Honored worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine, 1 Honored coach of Ukraine, 2 judges of international class, 3 Masters of sports.

During the last twenty years prominent people of our country have worked at the department: Honored Master of Sports, twice Olympic champion, three-times World Championship medalist, seven-times winner of European Cup, eleven-times champion of USSR Championships, honorary member of the NOC of Ukraine, Associate Professor Timoshkina N.L. and the Guinness Book of Records record holder, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, Honored Coach of Ukraine, Judge of the International Weightlifting Category, President of the International Weightlifting Federation Professor Shcherbina Y.V.