Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Medical and General Chemistry

Social and educate work

At the department of medical and general chemistry, a scientific student group works under the direction of an associate professor Zayceva G.M.

Basic work of group assignment is: “The chemical and adsorption retrofitting of surface of finely divided inorganic oxides of ligands of different nature with the purpose of creation of new adsorbents, catalysts, medical forms, with the combined adsorption and medicinal action”

Amount of persons in a group11

Amount of publications in collections of theses of conferences16

Ukrainian scientific methodical youth magazine, 2009, N 3. Information from international congress of students and young scientists “Issues of the day of modern medicine”: p. 97 (Govorukha M.O.), p. 99 (Zotsenko L.O.), p. 100 (Kavrayskiy D.P.), p. 101 (Kokosha Yu.M.), p. 105 (Pokotilo O.)

Research bases of department are: a chemical faculty of Kiev National University in the name of Taras Shevchenko, Institute of Chemistry of Surface of Science Academy of Ukraine