Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Medical and Biological Physics

Advanced study

At the department of medical and biological physics of the National medical university of the name of O.O. Bogomol’cya the science research work (SRW) is carried out on a theme: «System methodological providing of development and introduction of electronic educational content on natural disciplines in VM (F) NZ of Ukraine». The term of implementation is 2012-2015»

The purpose of this work is a scientific ground of subsequent development of Theory methodic principles of teaching of physic-mathematic disciplines at higher medical school, taking into account the modern processes of transformation of the domestic system of education.

The expected results of NDR are: development and introduction in the educational process of medical universities of the methodical system of study of physic-mathematic disciplines, unity of fundamental and professional orientation of process of studies fixed in basis; assistance in mastering by students-physicians of the professionally orientated educational disciplines at the high-quality best level; providing of effectiveness of knowledge for a long duration prospect; professional mobility and competitiveness of future specialists of medical industry.

Scientific potential of department of medical and biological physics is powerful and makes 4 doctors of sciences and 14 candidates of sciences.

The advanced study of collective of department of medical and biological physics is related to the study of row of modern problems of physics, biophysics and pedagogies. Among them a statistical theory of arrangement in the open systems of different nature, physicist of critical and meta stable conditions, methods of physics of phase transitions in the problem of intercellular co-operation (synaptic transmitting of information), biophysical aspects of co-operation of electromagnetic and ultrasonic radiation with bio objects, biophysics of muscular reduction and excitability of membranes structures, quantum molecular resonance methods of study of biologic objects, problem of diffusion of toxic matters in an environment, methods of probability and mathematical statistics theory in the decision of medico-biologic problems, modern pedagogical aspects of teaching of physics of biophysics, computing engineering and medical informatics, issues of the day of continuous trade education and others like that.

The active advanced study of employees of department of medical and biological physics found the reflection in many monographs (“Fluctuation models of processes of self organization”, “Non-equilibrium processes in physics and biology”, “Synergistically principles of education and science” et al, the published scientific articles (among them reviews and articles are published in native and foreign physical magazines, such as “Ukrainian physical magazine”, “Magazine of physical researches”, “Condensed Matt Physics”, “Biophysics”, “Matters of physic sciences”, “Magazine of experimental and theoretical physics”, “Theoretical and mathematical physics”, “Magazine of physical chemistry, “Optics and spectroscopy”, “Journal of Molecular Liquids” and others like that), and also in many reports at international and national conferences and symposiums.