Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Medical and Biological Physics

Social and educate work

At the department of medical and biological physics school-seminar of «Problem of biophysics functions living and bioethics» under the direction of associate professor Egorenkova A.I. Within the framework of work of this school-seminar general university taken the chairs are regularly (3-4 times per a year) conducted for students and employees of the National medical university the name of O.O. Bogomol’cya with participation of lecturers not only from Ukraine but also from Russia and Byelorussia . These meetings are devoted the actual and inter subjects problems of modern biophysics, biomedicine , and them to the ethics aspects. During meetings not only lecture are read and thematic video subjects are demonstrated but also interesting discussions and discussions after themes, in which all of listeners take part. C and collections became original school of bioethics for the young researchers of the National medical university the name of O.O. Bogomol’cya.

A subject of work of school-seminar in the last few years was most various: «Biotethics aspects of criteria of death of brain», «Biotethics code to the novel of M.Bulgakov «Master and Margaret», «Why to the doctor of Ukraine biotethics code», «Crimes of doctors-Nazi», «Anti-scientific tendencies in modern medicine» and others like that.