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Department of medical and biological physics

During almost 80 years from the moment of opening in September of 1841, the medical faculty in Kiev university of Saint Vladimir and till April, 1920, when on the base of medical faculty of university of Kiev institute of health care, which in December of 1920 was created Kiev state medical academy, and then just in a year was reorganized in Kiev medical institute, a separate department for teaching of physics for the students-physicians did not exist.
The first lecturer who read in Kiev university the course of physics for students-physicians was V.P. Chekhovich, who held a position of professor at the department of general physics till 1846. Professor V.P. Chekhovich, geologist by education, read lectures on physics in that volume in which it was laid out in spiritual establishments, and did not go beyond the gymnasium course.
Teaching of physics was improved after arrival in Kiev university a professor E.A. Knorr (1846-1858) and his successor – a professor M.I. Talizin, who headed the department of physics from 1858 till 1865. By initiative of E.A. Knorr in 1856 at the University a meteorological observatory which exists presently in the center of Kyiv was built, on crossing of streets of Vorovskogo and Observatornaya.
Beginning of serious scientific researches at the department of physics of Kiev university, including at the medical faculty, is related to the name of the known scientist and teacher, founder of the first physical school in Ukraine of professor M.P. Avenarius (7.09.1835 – 4.09.1895), who headed the department of physics about 25 years during a period from 1865 till 1890. Professor M.P. Avenarius was a widely well-educated man. By his tireless pedagogical activity and remarkable scientific researches in development of physical science he made a great contribution in development of physic science.
During 1873- 1877 M.P. Avenarius and his students received the exact meanings of critical parameters for many matters, which entered in the general fund of physical values and for a long time remained unchanged. Although the professor M.P. Avenarius directly was not engaged in scientific Researches in the area of medical physics, by his initiative in 1873 was founded the first in Kiev university special laboratory of medical physics which was headed by doctor of medicine A.S Shklyarevskiy. From 1865 till 1890 he headed the department of physics of Kiev University, including a medical faculty. A.S. Shklyarevskiy was specialized mainly in the area of pathological physiology and pathoanatomy. He issued in 1881-1882 “Lectures on medical physics”. Regarding the analysis of the state of medicine, he propagandized the necessity of teaching of physics for doctors. Shklyarevskiy A.S. defended a dissertation for the receipt of scientific degree of doctor of medicine on a theme: «About passing of white blood corpuscles through colloid shells”. His basic works are devoted to the problems of inflammation, permeability of vascular wall, physiology of capillaries. He for the first time applied an experimental method for the analysis of mechanism of extra-vasation and migrations of leucocytes.
The successor of professor M.P.Avenarius on position of manager of department of physics of Kiev university of St. Vladimir during 13 years (1890-1903) was a professor M.M. Shiller(13.03.1848 – 23.11.1910), specialist in the area of thermodynamics and electrodynamics, who led the first in Ukraine department of theoretical physics and wrote near 90 advanced studies. The advanced studies of M.M.Shiller belong to many sections of physics: mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, molecular physics, and others. The scientific researches of M.M.Shiller had large popularity devoted to the experimental ground of substantive provisions of one of the distinguished scientific achievements of XIX age – electrodynamics of John Maxwell.
The professor Shiller Nickolay Nickolayevich headed the department of theoretical physics of Kiev University from 1890 till 1903. He graduated from Moscow University (in 1868). In 1871 – 1874 he worked in Berlin University. In 1896 at Kiev university was founded the physic medical society, the purpose of which was rapprochement of medicine and other industries of natural history, wide use of results of fundamental researches in medical practice. A head of department of skin illnesses, professor M.I.Stukovenko headed this society which lasted approximately 20 years. It is interestingly to note that almost after 100 years after foundation of physic medical society its work was restarted in Kiev medical institute of the name of O.O.Bogomol’cya.
The academician Kosonogoe Joseph Josephovich (31.03.1866 – 22.03.1922) he headed the department of physics of Kiev university from 1903 till 1920. He graduated from Kiev University in 1889. He is a former student of M.P. Avenarius. From 1903 and till 1920 he headed the department of physics of Kiev university. His scientific works are devoted to research of the electric and optical phenomena. In 1902 he discovered the optical resonance in the area of visible rays and explained a reason of rich colour of heterogeneous after a structure bodies this phenomenon. He was the first who applied an ultra microscope to study electrolysis. He was a talented experimenter and executed the row of valuable researches, dielectrics devoted physics, to the physical optics and some other questions, spared much attention the improvement of method of teaching of physics both in more high and at middle school. Professor Y.Y. Kosonogov published the row of textbooks and train aids on physics, in that number a guidance on physics for the students of universities.
The first head of the department of physics of Kiev medical institute was professor B.M. Yankovich, who headed it from 1920 till 1922. He is a student of N.I.Kosonogov. He was an organizer of the first in Kyiv the x-ray diagnostics cabinet at the faculty of surgical clinic of prof. N.M. Volkovich (1914). He was a chairman of Union of junior teachers of higher educational establishments of Kyiv. His scientific works are devoted to theoretical mechanics. His general direction of teaching of physics for students-physicians in essence did not change up to the beginning of 1950th.
The successors of professor B.M. Yankovich were: professor G.S. Rudenko (who headed the department in 1922-1925; 1929-1941; 1943-1948), professor O.G. Gol’dman (headed the department in 1925-1929).

Academician Gol’dman Alexander Henrykhovich (he was the first director most known in Ukraine of scientific physical establishment – Institute of physics of NAN of Ukraine) and associate professor D.M. Trubchenko (headed the department in 1941-1943; 1948-1952) – his main attention was spared adjusting of pedagogical process, creation of educational laboratories , the Unique special task which must be decided consisted in preparation of future doctors to master a physical apparatus.
There were yet and other reasons which hindered the alteration of course of physics in Kiev medical institute on new principles. It is needed to take in consideration, foremost, a very weak, especially just after organization
of the institute, material base of the department with a high-quality physical apparatus. This position little changed in the first years upon termination of Great patriotic war. Only at the beginning of 1950th the necessity of alteration of teaching of physics became obvious to the students-physicians.
Professor O.G.Gol’dman (3.11. 1884 – 30.12.1971) headed the department in 1925-1929. He graduated from the Leipzig (1908) and Kiev (1909) universities. He was the first director most known in Ukraine of scientific physical establishment the Institute of physics of NAN of Ukraine.
In 1952 the department of physics of Kiev medical college was led by associate professor Y.V.Ignatovich, which graduated from Kiev institute of public education (1926). He is an author of row of textbooks and manuals on teaching of course of physics in medical institute.
On the other hand, the biophysics undertook a decisive step from the direct physical methods of research to wide interpretation of physiology and pathological processes from the physical and chemical point of view. It arose up and swiftly developed bioenergy, neurocybernetics, molecular genetics, and quantum presentations in physiology, radio-biology and others. Progress in the area of physics resulted in appearance of new industries of medicine – electro-physiology, radiology, radiation hygiene and many others.

An associated professor Ignatovich Yuriy Viktorovich headed the department of physics of KMU in 1952-1968.
The theoretical physics generated such scientific conceptions as a hydrodynamic theory of circulation of blood, relax theory of hearing, radical chain theory of radial damages and others like that.
The great work was made by the teachers of the physic faculty of Kiev Medical Institute.

Bezdenezhnikh E.O. – a candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor . He headed the department from 1968 till 1982. He graduated from the Khabarovsk pedagogical college (in 1941). He is an author of the over 30 advanced studies, in that number the row of train aids, devoted method of teaching of physics in the medical institutes.
The small special sections were entered in a lecture course: x-rays, medical electronics, molecular genetics, cybernetics and such questions were included as bases of theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, paramagnetic resonance, optical quantum generators, the problems of nuclear physics, semiconductors and others. All of these questions got a reflection in “Lectures issued for the department on physics”, including in the special issue of “Physicist and medicine” published in 1965. At this time at the department of physics very fruitfully worked our veterans – participants of Great Patriotic war associate professors of G.V.Maksyutin and E.P.Cherniy, manager of the laboratory M.P.Dudin. At that time the teachers who make the most experimental center of department of medical and biological physics presently began the teaching and scientific way,
associate professors of B.T.Agapov, O.V.Govorukha, A.V.Melenevska, M.I.Murashko, N.F.Radchenko, senior teacher D.A.Makarchenko, teacher L.M.Denisenko, P.I.Ostroverkhov.

Associate professor Agapov Boris Terentiyovich
B.T. Agapov (born in 1942) a doctor of biological sciences, associate professor. He headed the department from 1982 till 1983. He graduated from the Leningrad electrical engineering institute (1965). With the purpose of specialization of practical lessons at the department of physics of Kiev medical institute (at the beginning of 1980th the department got the new name – the department of medical and biological physics) the special physical practical work, on which every task was solved by methods and devices which were directly utilized in medical practice, was first developed. At laboratory lessons the students worked with ultrasonic devices, radio-nuclides and physical therapy apparatus, noise meter, electro photo calorimeter and others like that. Job performances on creation of the special practical work were expounded in two train aids: Practical work on physics” and “Laboratory works specialized on physics”.

The new impulse at the department of medical and biological physics gave a transition scientific research in March, 1983 in Kiev medical institute of Kiev state university and electing on position of manager of department of member-correspondent APN Ukraine, doctor of physic mathematic sciences, professor O.V.Chaliy. Scientific interests of professor O.V.Chaliy are related mainly to physics of phase transitions and critical phenomena in the condensed environments.

A member correspondent of APN of Ukraine, the doctor of physic mathematic sciences, professor Chaliy Alexander Vasiliyovich (born in 1938), he headed the department of medical and biological physics of NMU from March, 1983.

He graduated from physical faculty of KDU of the name of T.G. Shevchenko in 1961. He defended a doctoral dissertation in 1978, professor (1985), member-cor. of APN of Ukraine (1999), honored figure of scitech of Ukraine (2004)
For the last 20 years at the department of medical and biological physics the actual scientific researches, which allowed to get new valuable scientific results in a collaboration with the scientists of departments of the National medical university (in particular, departments of communal hygiene and ecology of man, skin illnesses, pharmacology, normal physiology, ophtamology but others), number of institutes of NAN of Ukraine (the institute of physics, Institute of nuclear physics, Institute of semiconductors, Institute of physical chemistry, Institute of chemistry of surface, Institute of physiology, Institute of nature, Institute of cybernetics), Kiev national university of the National pedagogical university, University of Galle and Frayberg (Germany).
In November of1986 in Kiev medical institute at the department of medical and biological physics the course “Basis calculable technique and medical informatics” was created. As the manager of course was appointed T.I.Zhegriy, who for many years fruitfully worked at the department

From 1990 the department was renamed in the department of biological physicist with the course of informatics, and from 1992 – in the department of biophysics, informatics and medical apparatus. Such, it would seem, formal changes represented a considerable growth of biophysical researches of medico-biologic objects and also great progress in development and application of calculable technicians in all sections of medical science and practical health care.

A collective of department of physics of KMU of the name of O.O.Bogomol’cya
(in 1968)

Educate – methodic work .
The department makes a lot of educate – methodic work and is basic among the departments of medical and biological physics of higher medical educational establishments of Ukraine. The collective of the department issued a number of textbooks and train aids on laboratory practical work, computing engineering and medical informatics. Among them the first Ukrainian-language textbook “Medical and biological physics” (author collective – prof. O.V.Chaliy, doc. B.T.Agapov, doc. A.V.Melenevska, doc. M.I.Murashko, doc. N.F.Radchenko, doc. N.V.Stuchinska, doc. Ya.V.Cekhmister). In 2000-2001 school year at the department of medical and biological physics of NMU the type teaching of basic educational discipline of “Biophysicist, informatics and medical apparatus” was begun on new tutorials for three different specializations “medical business” and “pediatrics”, “medico-prophylaxis business”, “stomatology”. These profiled programs were developed by a commission under the direction of prof. O.V.Chaliy and ratified by Management of educations and medical science of MOZ of Ukraine. At the department of medical and biological physics there were created 2 display classes, in which the students of all faculties, listeners of faculty of the training and students of lyceum of the Ukrainian medical lyceum could master the bases of the computing engineering and medical informatics, the newest computer technologies, including the Internet.
After a selection in 1998 a course of “Basis of the computing engineering and medical informatics” in separate department of medical informatics and computer technologies, the department of physics got the present name “Department of medical and biological physics”.
Presently at the department of medical and biological physics work: a head of department, corresponding member APN Ukraine, doctor of physic-mathematical sciences, professor O.V. Chaliy; doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Y.V. Cekhmister; 10 associate professors (candidate of biological sciences O.V. Govorukha, candidate of biological sciences A.V.Melenevska, candidate of engineerings sciences M.I. Murashko, candidate of chemical sciences N.F. Radchenko, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences N.V. Stuchinska, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences O.I. Oliynik, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences M.P. Malezhik, candidate of pedagogical sciences A.I.Egorenkov, candidate of pedagogical sciences V.V. Paschenko, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences Margolich )I.F.; a senior teacher, candidate of pedagogical sciences D.A.Makarchenko; the assistants (V.M. Danileyko, L.M. Denisenko, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences L.G. Lesko, candidate of biological sciences V.M. Rudneva, candidate of physico-mathematical sciences Yu.P. Sklyarov, N.L. Gritsenko, S.P. Samko).

Department of physics of КМІ (1979.)

Thus, scientific potential of department of medical and biological Physics of the National medical university is powerful and makes 2 doctors of sciences and 13 candidates of sciences. The advanced study of collective of department of medical and biological physics is related to the study of row of modern problems of physics, biophysics and pedagogies. Among them a statistical theory of processes of arrangement in the open systems of different nature, physics of critical and metastable conditions, methods of physics of phase transitions in the problem of intercellular co-operation (sinaptic transmission of information), biophysical aspects of co-operation of electromagnetic radiation with bioobjects, biophysics of muscular reduction and excitability of shell structures, quant mechanical resonance methods of study of biologic objects, problem of diffusion of toxic matters in environment, methods of probability and mathematical statistics theory in the decision of medico-biological problems, modern pedagogical aspects of teaching of physics of biophysics, computing engineering and medical informatics, issues of the day of continuous trade education and others like that.
The active advanced study of employees of department of medical and biological physics found the reflection in many monographs (“Fluctuation models of processes of self organization”, “Non-equilibrium processes in physics and biology”, “Sinergistical principles of education and science” et al, the published scientific articles (among them reviews and articles in native and foreign physical magazines, such as “Ukrainian physical magazine”, “Magazine of physical researches”, “Condensed Matt Physics”, “Bio physics”, “Issues of physics sciences”, “Magazine of experimental and theoretical physics”, “Theoretic and mathematic physics”, “Magazine of physical chemistry”, “Optics and spectrum scope”, “Journal of Molecular Liquids” and others like that), and also in many reports at international and national conferences and symposiums.
There is no doubt that in XXI age of achievement of modern medical and biological physics will have a growing influence on development of theoretical and clinical medicine, determining the level of preparation of highly skilled doctors.

Collective of department of medical and biological physics and managers of the departments of physics of medical universities of Ukraine at conference, devoted to the 80th anniversary of foundation of the departments of physics of NMU

Future doctors of new days: education during life

Medicine as no other science requires saint selfless devotion of enthusiasts-lone persons, able to teach and join around themselves the deserving followers for the good of hundreds and thousands of patients
M. Pirogov

One of appeals to the Ukrainian society which first went out on the free walk of life of educational searches and innovations convincingly sounds in the testament of great Kobzar: “Study, my brothers, think and read”. Alteration of independent Ukraine demanded a new vision of development of its intellectual potential, accelerated changes in mental aims that fully naturally changed the psychological pedagogical problems of high-quality perfection and modern reincarnation of all the national system of education.
The system of education in Ukraine is considered as basis of national and spiritual revival of society, its functioning is directed on education of the generation of people able to guard and increase the values of national culture and civil society, to develop and fasten an independent, democratic, social and legal nation-state as inalienable constituent of European and world community.

The strengthening of role of education in modern transformations of society resulted in expulsing of conception “education for life” by conception “education “for life time”, which was accepted by a world community and became the basis for the program of UNESCO “Education for XXI century”.
Medical education can not be taken dissociated from the general system of trade education, features of its development on the modern stage. At the same time it is necessary to take into account traditions which were present in the system of health care of population, on the whole and actually specific of medical education. In this context we fully consent with opinion the prominent doctor of XX century, academician Nickolay Amosov: “Main
direction of forming of personality is the use of possibilities of education”. It by the facilities develops an intellect and promotes the level of competence of man in any sphere of activity, but especially it concerns a medical profession.
It is known that efficiency of functioning of the educational system, including systems of continuous education, depends on the optimum co-operation of its subsystems and connection between them. One of basic subsystems in the system of continuous education of secondary, general and higher schools, which have a goal of activity, maintenance and orientation of pedagogical process. Each of these subsystems is perfected autonomically, that not always provides integrity of the system of continuous education, following between general school and higher educational establishment in relation to the professional becoming of specialist. In this connection, the greater value is acquired by the necessity of creation of the system of continuous professional education.
Pre professional training of students and young people as constituent of continuous professional education must create foundation for development of individual professional competence which requires the capture of social activity experience, by necessary for this purpose knowledge and skills, which major ability to study independently is from, to analyze and integrate new information. Thus initial professional preparation is examined as a decision constituent of professional training and study.



Psychological pedagogical researches prove that passing of students of secondary general school to higher educational establishment is accompanied with difficulties adaptation which has both objective and subjective character. In the process of pre professional preparation of student young people possibilities of leveling of negative tendencies are opened and practice in transition a senior pupil in status of student. Such preparation is instrumental in the conscious choice of profession, forming of proof reasons in relation to priorities of subsequent professional activity, forming and development of necessary personality qualities, capture initial professional knowledge, abilities and skills, on the basis of complete universal secondary education, shortening of time of psychological adaptation in higher educational establishment.
It is possible to give determination of pre professional preparation of students on medical specialities as systems of preparation of students to future medical activity in the conditions of the special general educational establishment, which is directed on:
forming of readiness of personality to the professional studies on select speciality in higher medical educational establishment; – predominance of professional meaningful qualities of doctor, professional interests, motivation of achievements in selected industry;
it is a facilitation of adaptation in the process of receipt of higher medical education;

it is development of ability to the professional improvement during all professional activity. A national medical university of the name of 0. O. Bogomol’cya in 1990 for the first time in the territory of the former USSR and Ukraine by initiative of academician E. G. Goncharuk there was created medical classes, and then two state medical lyceums which became the necessary component of construction of the effective system of continuous medical education. Experience of lyceums convinced: expedience and efficiency of such type of establishments of education is irrefutable. In 1997 year with an assistance of Kiev city state administration, Ministries of health Ukraine, Department of education and science of Ukraine there was created unique for today in the state after the construction the Ukrainian medical lyceums (UML) as structural subdivision of the Nationalmedical university of the name of O.O.Bogomol’cya, which is integrated in architectonics of higher medical educational establishment with the proper theoretical, semantic, skilled, technological and financial providing.
In the educational process of lyceum the seven departments of the National medical university take part – medical and biological physics, biology, biochemistry, Latin, general chemistry, foreign language, treatment of internal illnesses. The author collective of these leading theoretical and clinical departments of university especially for the students of lyceum it was developed and inculcated computer-integrated on-line tutorials on physics, mathematics and informatics (member-cor. APN of Ukraine, prof. O. V. Chaliy), biology (prof. O. V. Romanenko), organic and inorganic chemistry (prof. V. O. Kalibabchuk, member-cor. of AMN of Ukraine, prof. Yu. I. Gubskiy), medicine – a general and special care of patients (member-cor. AMN of Ukraine, prof. V Z. Netyazhenko), Ukrainian language and literature (prof. N. M. of Gaevska), Latin and foreign languages (prof. Y. V. Nianin, doc. L. I. Avrakhova), ratified by Department of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Thus initial training of students is carried out in the process of study exactly on the special cycle of disciplines. An on-line tutorial is computer-integrated on discipline “Medicine” (a general and special care of patients), developed at the department of treatment of internal illnesses № 2 the National medical university under the direction of its head a member-correspondent of AMN Ukraine, professor V. Z. Netyazhenko, and was acknowledged the best among the proper type programs of MOZ of Ukraine.
The technological model of pre Professional preparation of students was developed, grounded and experimentally tested by us on medical specialities (fig. I) determines a purpose, maintenance and technology of organization of pre professional preparation of students in a medical lyceum. According to the purpose of pre Professional preparation of students in this model we select educational, organizational, didactics and professional constituents.
An educational constituent removes the process of receipt by students in the medical lyceum the complete universal secondary education which is foundation of pre Professional preparation of students on medical specialities. The organizational characterizes of the organizational and semantic forms of co-operation of medical lyceum with base general school and ways of its integration in higher medical educational establishment. The didactics examines the specific pre professional preparation on medical specialities, that is taken into account in integration of maintenance of fundamental and type disciplines, forms, methods and facilities, which are used in an educational-educate process, directed on such preparation of students and its methodical providing. Thus it includes creation of actual computer-integrated on-line tutorials which provide permanence of an educational process in a medical lyceum and higher medical educational establishment. The professional aim contains backer-ups process of development for the students of professional interests, professionally meaningful personality qualities and creative capabilities.
For 13 years of work the Ukrainian medical lyceum trained over 1300 students who became the students of different faculties of the National medical university of the name of 0. 0. Bogomol’cya. A lyceum enters in the complement of fund of the associated schools of UNESCO, “Green schools of the world” is the member of association with a staff in Toronto, supports copulas with Congress of Ukrainians in Canada, school of hospital attendants of hospital of St. Walberg in Germany, Institute of Peter Mogila in Canada, Institute of biophysics of RUN, faculty of fundamental medicine of the Moscow state university of the name of M. Lomonosov.
In obedience to a decision of Presidium of Academy of pedagogical sciences of Ukraine a lyceum is experimental subsection of Institute of pedagogies and psychology of trade education of AMN of Ukraine, the collective member of the Small academy of sciences “Researcher”. In 2001 the student’s scientific society of the name of acad, O. P. Romodanov the Ukrainian medical lyceum in Ukraine was the recipient of an award of the greatest honor “Gold Owl” of Presidium of the Small academy of sciences “Researcher”, which was handed at general meeting of academy by Hero of Ukraine, President of NAN of Ukraine B.E. Paton.
In the asset of the Ukrainian medical lyceum are the first bonuses of European ecological and physical youth competitions, republican Olympiads of physics, biology and chemistry, second bonus of the International Olympiad of experimental researches of microbiology. It is natural that the pupils of lyceum become the good doctors. Olga Prokopchuk, surgeon-oncologist by speciality, gets ready to defense of doctoral dissertation, fruitfully co-operating with the German colleagues. Ljubov Denisyuk is held in respect as capable ophthalmologist in staff of Center of micro surgery of eye. A graduating student of UML, best in studies, a winner of international and Ukrainian Olympiads Eugenie Yarmalyuk, heads a student scientific society of the name of O. Kiselya – interesting link of bringing in of student to scientific researches.
As a high estimation of job of profesor-teachers staff of department of medical university and base school performances circumstance that in 2000 the Ukrainian medical lyceum of the National medical university the name of 0. 0. Bogomol’cya first among professional medical educational establishments on the territory of the CIS was marked with Large Silver Medal of International Pedagogical Academy ( Russia, Moscow) for achievement in industry of education, culture and science. It proved once again that the National medical university of the name of O. O. Bogomol’cya has the high international rating and a leading place among higher medical educational establishments of Ukraine in educational progress of forms of studies, actively inculcates in pedagogical practice the most modern educational technologies on all levels of preparation of future doctors.
The development of UML as extraordinarily perspective link in preparation of highly educated doctors of intellectual persons – personification future of medicine – is regarded by the known scientist and organizer of health care, rector NMU of the name of O. O. Bogomol’cya, a corresponding member of AMN of Ukraine, professor V. F. Moskalenko. A medical lyceum became one of the first subsections of university vertical line which work is learned carefully by a rector. By his suggestions in the system of reformation of institute of higher as higher educational establishment of the European level considerable perfection of continuous pre Professional education is planned. It concerns the transformation of base school of lyceum on gymnasium; where after rating of knowledge of students were set off to optimize the system of general preparation in relation to an entry in UML. Thus in specialized gymnasium young people will be accepted from all regions of Ukraine. The amount of students of lyceum in an introductory class will be megascopic, that will enable more effectively use the principle of rating estimation of knowledge and other necessary psychological qualities of students, up to put to the medical university certain the percent of pupils of lyceum as a result of the licensed examinations.
In relation to the correction of the program of the newest educational establishment, two foreign languages, modern information and computer technologies will be studied; connection will be strengthened with other links of pre university preparation in NMU.
The lyceum will render a substantial help from the National fund ” Ukraine – to the children”, which honored chairman is Ljudmila Kuchma, and benevolent fund of the name of Panteleymona Kulisha, about which the deputy of Supreme Rada of Ukraine Ivan Plyusch takes a care. It is therefore possible to establish that new time of the Ukrainian medical lyceum as a unique constituent of the modern system of National higher community is only appearing.
Spirit, science, idea, will as means of progress of medical education in Ukraine – this is credo of our researches and direction of changes. Development of human cognition and science is endless, and by opinion of prominent physicist of present time, a Nobel (in 1918) laureate Max Plank “… major is that the task of the complete use of new idea generates new questions and the same conduces to new researches and new successes”.

Ad notam! Additional information about an entry, studies, programs, scientific activity and issue, you can find on WEB page of the Ukrainian medical lyceum of the National medical university of the name of O. O. Bogomol’cya: