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Information for students


Topographical anatomy and operative surgery plays an important role in the training of doctors on the verge of the theoretical and clinical disciplines. The teaching of this discipline is based on the characteristic anatomical information on the needs of practical medicine, especially surgery.

The purpose of the study of operative surgery and topographic anatomy is the assimilation future doctors of specific knowledge of the structure of the human body, which are the basis for proper diagnosis and the choice of optimal treatment, a students’ skills topographic anatomical study surgical approaches and techniques, as assimilation of technology these interventions.

The method of preparation for practical training:

First class read a thread on the textbook as a whole, to have a general idea of the subject material

During the second, more in-depth reading, make notes, which reflects the basic factual topics

Write down the dictionary and learn Latin terms and their equivalents in English on lessons

Consider the atlas and the figures in the book all the anatomical structures and patterns of surgical interventions, which are described in the material subject classes

It is advisable to formulate answers to questions about classes specified in the methodological development

It is advisable to draw pictures or diagrams that help to master the factual material

Draw diagrams and drawings of the structure of various anatomical structures and surgical interventions that are provided in the methodological developments during the independent work of the student

The consultation carried out teachers of the department on schedule, a student can get answers to complex questions threads

Consistent with the teacher’s students some questions on the topic in depth study on various manuals, textbooks, monographs, and use of computer technology

Individual, the most complex and incomprehensible to the student questions can be asked at the beginning of teacher training or during the consultation

During the lecture, the student is synopsis and can get an electronic version of the lecture (available on the site), based on which further prepared for questions from the lecture material

In the practical training are studied anatomical structures and performed surgery (practical skills) on the issues identified in the methodological recommendations

Lectures and practical sessions is mandatory for each student

Students with missing classes and lectures must rework its on a R egulations and S chedule approved by the Department