Bogomolets National Medical University

Chair of Ukrainian Studies

Educational Work

Knowledge without education is like a sword in hands of crazy one

Vasyl Suhomlynsky


Humanities teaching is directly related with development of person’s spiritual qualities. The organization of creative and literary-artistic actions which are promoting formation of the future doctor’personality is focused on it first of all.

Each year department’s staff initiates active participation in the writing of the National Unity Radio Dictation for the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language which is traditionally celebrated on November 9, honoring Rev. Nestor the Chronicler’s memory.


Usually bright is the celebration of International Mother Language Day on February 21st which is traditionally organized by teachers of the department together with domestic and foreign students:


Participation of students in literary and artistic events on the occasion of holidays and significant dates (Shevchenko’s days, International day of mother, Kyiv’s day, Vyshyvanka’s day etc.) promotes the development of their creative abilities. Students can demonstrate here their skills in poetry, musical instruments playing, songs, folk and modern dances performing.



Consecutive for years already every year on the weekends 1st-year students in their free time with indifferent teachers are becoming an active participants of the grand traditional patriotic action in Kyiv – Megamarch in vyshyvankas (embroidered shirts):



Recognizing the powerful potential of cinema in the process of personal growth and formation of young people civic position, department teachers actively invite students to the cinema for a joint viewing of the premier patriotic Ukrainian cinema. These movies are demonstrating vividly the knowledge of tragic and heroic Ukrainian history pages, the struggle for independence and mother language.



Students of our university are the future intellectual elite of the nation, they are an energetic driving force that plays a decisive role in the development of society. Moral values and personal qualities that are laid down and nurtured today together with the acquired professional knowledge will be realized for many years.