Bogomolets National Medical University

Medical faculty №1


Doctor of Medicine,
professor at department of neurology

Peremogy Avenue, 34, phone: 456-81-93, 454-49-80

Candidate of Medicine,

Assistant at department of propedeutics of internal medicine No 2

(in educational work with the 1st-2nd courses)

assistant at department of physiology
Candidate of Medicine,

Assistant professor at department of radiology and radiation medicine

(on educational and scientific work)

Candidate of Medicine,

Assistant professor at department of internal medicine No 3

(on educational work with 5th-6th courses)

Curators in ICTS
Assistant at department of pathological physiology
assistant at department of Ukrainian studies

The medical faculty of Kyiv university was opened on 9, September, 1841. Among its founders there were world-known scientists: M.I. Pyrogov, V.A. Karavayev, N.M. Volkovych, physicians V.P. Obraztsov, F.G. Yanovskyy, pathologists G.N. Minkh and V.K. Vysokovych, anatomist A.P. Walter, hygienist V.A. Subbotin et al.

The great contribution into development of faculty was made by its first dean professor Karavayev V.A. – founder and head at department of faculty surgical clinic; for the first time in Ukraine he made the operation under ether narcosis (1847), he was the first one in Russia, who made the pericardiocentesis; he was one of the originators of surgical school.

After 1920 the medical faculty at Kyiv university and Women’s medical institute were transformed into Kyiv medical institute – one of the oldest medical institutes in our country.

The nice traditions, launched by our famous predecessors, are continued at departments of medical faculties No 1 and No 2, some of them exist since establishment of medical faculty at Emperor St. Volodymyr university. It is the departments of faculty therapy, normal anatomy, pathological anatomy, pathological physiology, histology and embryology, etc.

At present moment these and other departments of faculties constitute the original scientific center of O.O. Bohomolets National medical university, which unites the efforts of specialists of different profile for solution of cardinal scientific problems in the most top-priority directions in development of medical science.

Developing also such scientific directions as gastroenterology, pathology of cardiovascular system, problems in mother and child welfare, etc. the collectives of departments widely implement them into the system of practical health care. The departments establish the scientific creative contacts with leading international universities (USA, Australia, Denmark, England, and Germany); there appear the new opportunities for active participation in work of international scientific congresses and symposiums, probation of teachers and students at university clinics in foreign countries.

For many years the departments of faculty perform the training of doctors for countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The successful work of famous scientists: academicians and corresponding members in NAS, AMS of Ukraine, honorary scientists of Ukraine, laureates of State Prizes, professors, Doctors of Medicine is continued at 16 departments of medical faculty No 1 and 15 departments of medical faculty No 2.

Their authority constitutes the basis for prestige of university. It is first of all professor Vozianov O.F., Milko V.I., Stepankivska G.K., Kulchytskyy K.I., Bobryk I.I., Zemskov V.S., Andruschuk A.O., Skliarenko E.T., Peleschuk A.P. et al, whose scientific researches are well known.

The achievements of medical schools are the pride of our university. They are reflected not only in scientific developments, acknowledged all over the world, but in issues about training of highly qualified doctors under specialty “medical care” (code 7.110.101). The training of specialists of abovementioned profile anticipates the improvement in fundamentality of medical establishment and general medical training of graduates from faculty according to curriculum with previous pre-graduation specialization in the 6th course at Pre-Graduate Internship.

The study is held according to qualification characteristics due to the main specialties: surgery, internal diseases, obstetrics and gynecology.

At the stage of postgraduate specialization a doctor-specialist passes through study at internship under chosen specialty and after fulfillment of qualification requirements receives the state certificate of established form that entitles him/her with the right to work at medical preventive establishments. The training of scientific and scientific pedagogical staff at medical faculty is held at master and postgraduate courses. This system is valid only in relation to excellent graduates, recommended for scientific work by Council of faculty.

After successful completion of study either at postgraduate or master courses a doctor-specialist can work at scientific research institutes and medical higher schools of Ukraine at the posts, anticipated by the corresponding regulatory documents.