Bogomolets National Medical University


On July 7, 2014 press conference in the UNIAN news agency with the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Serhii KVIT, Rector of the O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University, Professor Catherina Amosova, Councilor to the Minister of Health of Ukraine, Ihor NAIDA, the Public figure, member of the Supervisory Board of the O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University, coordinator of the public initiative “Intensive care reform package”, Social activist, Hanna HOPKO, the known lawyer of NMU, deputy chairman of the National Association of Advocates of Ukraine, Valentyn HVOZDII was held.
Corresponding member of NAMS of Ukraine Mrs. Katerina Amosova said that Ukraine public must be informed of the events taking place at the University, “And the beginning of the story dates back to 2003 when the former Minister of Health of Ukraine Vitalii Moskalenko became a rector of the O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University. Today’s situation is somewhat consonant with that past situation which was described by Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (“Mirror of the Week”) Newspaper under the title “Two rectors in one chair”.
By way of focusing on the main events of the last few months, Professor Katerina Amosova emphasized that according to the Article 18 and Article 39 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” and because of the decision by three-fourths of the total number of delegates of the highest collective self-governing body, Conference of University Staff of April 1, 2014 Rector Vitalii Moskalenko’s withdrawal was carried out and that was the main reason for making the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 59-0 of 10 April 2014 “On the dismissal of Volodymyr Moskalenko” under Parag 8, Article 36 of the Code of Labor Laws of Ukraine, and breaking the contract of 04.11.2010 №548.
And now preliminary court investigation №12014100000000560 of 03.28.2014 has been initiated and established that officials of the O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University during 2012-2014, through abusing their official powers and acting intentionally, in order to obtain any undue advantage for themselves or other persons or entities through construction and overhaul of buildings and premises of the University caused serious consequences as a loss of state budget funds in the large scale.
Mrs. Amosova noted: “And the decision of Pechersk District Court in Kyiv to renew Vitaly Moskalenko as a rector of NMU  should be considered as contempt for the opinion of the University”.
Serhii Kvit noted that: “The position of Pechersk District Court is surprising. Representatives of MES of Ukraine accompanied all the process of election that took place at the University, and it was conducted in lawful and consistent way. … The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine join to the point not to allow to Rector who demonstrated non-confidence of the team to return to the office of the Chief of the University.”
Ihor Naida said: “I completely certify that all election procedure for the rector’s office was held transparently and everything was legitimate. As for the moral component, it should be said that what caused the revolution on Maidan resulted events  in NMU, that is the fact that the first person has lost the personal dignity.”
Hanna HOPKO stressed that corruption requires radical actions. “After Maidan, after adoption of the laws to restore confidence in the judiciary system and higher education, we must win the battle for the University. The odium of the first official of the University,  the “mansion” of the head despite of poverty life of students  are staggering things and the abuse cleaning process will be long and comprehensive. Supervisory Board promises in its turn the transparency in reporting all events”.
Valentin HVOZDII: “It should be noted that the Pechersk Court decision contained no justification of the request and the court refused of the plaintiff request on cancellation of the order on appointing Kateryna AMOSOVA as a rector. The law provides a clear procedure of legal enforcement and Vitaliy Moskalenko can’t  get to his workplace by force, it must be carried out within the Law. Now within the circumstances of the destabilization of the situation we will make all possible to ensure everything to be legal: the appeals filed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and O.O. Bohomolets NMU and Kateryna Amosova is going to defend the truth to the end. “.
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Новини Національго медичного університету НМУ
Новини Національго медичного університету НМУ
Новини Національго медичного університету НМУ